Monday, October 05, 2015


How to wear the infamous Dior Latex boots

                 If you have been paying attention to any Dior shows over the past few seasons, whether it be ready-to-wear, couture, or resort you have definitely noticed that house designer Raf Simons is in the midst of a love affair with Latex. He has self-replicated his iconic design of the boots in almost every show he has done since then. The stunning boots have been featured in two of the designer’s shows, starting off with Spring 2015 Couture and more recently Fall 2015 ready-to-wear.

The couture-designed boots were available in almost any color and a few patterns, in a thigh-high and a mid-calf design with a hollow metal frame heel. The fall ready-to-wear boots were also available in thigh-high and mid-calf styles and many colors, but featured a Perspex heel in a contrasting color. The boots have been seen everywhere, on every sidewalk during fashion week, every front row at every runway show, and worn day-to-day internationally by fashionistas and celebrities.

I think every person needs a pair or two of these boots in wardrobes, the boots are so wearable and make such a statement. They can easily complete a basic outfit with almost no effort. If you want to get your hands on a pair of these flawlessly designer boots, you might have to put in a bit of work; word is they are currently sold out everywhere! Some may think that’s shocking due to the fact that they retail for $3,000 to $5,000 USD. For some people in the fashion industry price doesn’t deter them from an incredible design that they know they’ll get ample wear out of.

These boots work with almost any outfit, from short dresses to cuffed jeans, you can wear them in anyway. The thigh-high design is so flattering and slimming of the legs that you almost are forced by them to wear a short dress, skirt or short-shorts to show them off. The shorter above ankle design looks perfect with cuffed jeans, longer dresses, jumpsuits, or spandex bodysuits. These boots will be one of those designs that are looked back upon in twenty years and thought of as life changing.

                  The aesthetic of Dior is so classic and feminine that when their looks are paired with such a strong boot, it adds a completely different vibe to the look. Their clothing features soft and muted tones, and the boots are made in just eye-catching, bright colors. Everyone bigger fear of these winter months is boots, I think Raf Simons has done a great job in designing a boot that everyone will love and won’t hesitate to wear throughout the season.

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