Monday, October 05, 2015

Staying Couture in the Cold

Staying Couture in the Cold 
Surviving winter without compromising your style!

By this time of the year we all face the struggle of staying warm on the coldest days of winter without compromising our fashionable outfits. Avoid tumbling into a fashion slump and falling into the trap of sweat pants and puffer jackets to keep warm from Toronto’s winters freezing temperatures that we all know so well. Follow these simple tips to stay fashionable and warm at the same time!
A good quality jacket is the most important fix for fighting the winter cold. Sometimes your winter coat can be an investment so make sure it will be versatile through the winter months. By picking an over sized, loose fitting jacket, you are ensuring that you have space for your favourite knit sweater or turtleneck to fit under it. The over sized, erogenous style will be sticking around for a while so don’t be afraid to spend a little extra for a stylish, loose fitting coat. Chances are you get what you pay for, and the little extra money will seem like nothing when you’re stuck in a blizzard!
For combating the cold in the winter, scarves are an absolute must! Scarves aren’t only great for keeping you warm, but they also can turn a boring outfit into an exciting, couture one! Since it may not be acceptable or fashionable to walk around wearing a ski mask in the city, scarves are ideal for keeping your neck and face protected from the snow and cold. Wrap your scarf around your neck, and pull it up enough to cover your nose. Pair it with your favourite chunky sunglasses and your whole face will be protected from winter’s cruel chill!
Do you have the perfect pair of heels to go with your outfit, but don’t feel like risking your life on the black ice and snow? Try sticking to the basics with a simple black booties. Classic, and versatile, black booties are available everywhere and in so many options. Try to opt for a boot with a thick lining, and grip on the bottom to help when the sidewalks aren’t salted! Similar to finding the right jacket, try to make sure your boots have enough room for you to fit a pair of cozy knit socks to keep your toes extra warm.      
         The last thing you want to worry about while you’re making the trek to work or school in a snowstorm is your hair. It’s hard to find the right hat to protect your styled hair, keep you warm, as well as match your outfit. You can pick up a knit beanie practically anywhere these days, but try to find one thick enough that when the snow melts off of it, your head doesn’t get soaked! You can glam up your head wear by finding a hat with a fur pom-pom or cute appliqués to keep it interesting!  
        We are all counting down the days until our favourite skirt or heels can make their debut again, but for now if you follow these simple tips, you will make it to spring warm, cozy, and safe from frost bite!

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