Monday, October 05, 2015

Patch Things Up
Inspiration for recreating your denim 
Words by: Haley Dach

These days, we see jaw dropping trends left and right. We’ve seen it all, from crotchless pants to dresses that only cover one breast. The runway is known to bring the wow factor – but what about streetwear? Streetwear has been around as long as streets, but people started making it trendy in the late 1970’s. Stemming from Los Angeles surf culture, "streetwear" has come a long way from wearing what everyone else is wearing, to finding your own personal style. One of the main things it has created is originality. People are fighting to stand out rather than fit in, and the easiest way to do that is to add your own personal touch to everything. The trend on the rise is denim, but not just any denim; patchwork denim. We’re sick of seeing your moms same old hand-me-down Levi’s.. until you add some patches, that is. Designers recognized the trend and made beautiful designer pairs; the only problem is, we teens can’t afford them. Fear not! We are here to teach you just how to make them yourselves, for a fraction of the price.

All these items could be found at thrift stores, consignment stores, dollar stores, etc. The whole point is to do more for less, so get crafty and creative, but stay money conscious.

Example A: State Your Statement

Do you have a lot to say but not enough hours in the day to say everything? It’s time to stitch it to your pants. Make your bold statements bolder and your pants fiercer than ever. Plus, if you have more to say, just stitch it on the back - but always remember to be cautious with what you’re going to say.

EACH X OTHER $683.03

Example B: Be There or Be Square

An easy tactic to customizing your jeans is adding on square of fabric. It’s as simple as going to the fabric store and getting a few mismatched squares from the scrap box. This adds personality without costing anything. This tactic is also perfect if you have a hole you’re trying to cover up!


Example C: Bedazzle Your World
What’s one way to make you stand out amongst the rest? Cover your jeans in sequin and glitter filled fabric cutouts of your favorite celebrities! Although this method will take more time and effort, it will definitely pay off when you have never-before-seen jeans that can’t be replicated. A suggestion if you’re having trouble trying to figure out whose faces to put on – boy bands come in packs, that’s a lot of cute faces all over your pants!


Example D: Vincent van Denim
If you’re good with a paintbrush or feeling artsy, try adding some hand-painted elements. (Be sure to use paint that won’t come off in the wash,) grab a pair of jeans, and make your masterpiece. In a world where anything can happen, people might love them so much that they ask you to paint theirs! 

DOLCE & GABANNA $2,488.43

Example E: Friends not Food

This last (but not least) example is a more adorable approach. The type of patches used for this style of jeans must be of animals. Find a patch of your favorite fuzzy friend and attach it onto a pair of boyfriend jeans (possibly free if your boyfriend has left a pair lying around.) Give yourself, and the world, a reason to smile when they see your new adorable pair of patchwork denim!


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