Monday, October 05, 2015

Back To Simple

                                                                            ---Wearing in simple, living in simple.

Paris Fashion Week 2015 already has passed more than a month, while most people still remember the luxury phenomenon that filled show all the time. Among luxury styles, simple styles is not flooded, instead, simple style is more unique and more attractive in the show. Most designers and fashion icons would like to use simple style to their designs and daily looks.


Hugo boss

After Jason wu who is known as golden boy in New York fashion as an art director of Boss’s woman wear, Jason wu’s simple style conquers all people. Boss is highly praised by fashion industry. In 2016 spring and summer series, Jason wu adds tassels to simple dresses to create a little tenderness feeling on the basis of clean and easy feeling.


Victoria beckham

On the Paris Fashion Week 2015, Victoria beckham’s brand ‘VB’ still insists simple style: no necklaces, no high-heeled shoes, no earrings, accessories. She uses elements like checks, printings and splicing to decorate simple-cutting dresses for creating a lively feeling. She attended Paris Fashion Week 2015 with a black one-piece dress which make her was looked fashionable. While dress’s free draping increase woman flavor. In her designs, she loves using black, white and grey because these colors can highlight simply style well. She also will use earth color and bright color with clean cutting to create concise feeling.


Tilda Swinton & ampInesde fressange

Tilda Swinton is an icon of simple style. Her temperament matches simple style well. She loves long coat, turn - down collar, straight clipping. She is good at using suits, white pants, stitching leather pants to create layers. Ines fressange is a representative fashion person of simple style. She never follows fashion trends blindly, she just insists herself. She prefers wearing the simplest jeans coat and flat shoes. Especially asymmetry shoes with tow colors can lighten her simple dressing up.


How to wear in simple style?


w Suit jacket

Suit jacket is the most favorable item of simple style. Especially long suit jacket with free clipping and big lapels, that looks like swallow-tailed coat. As we all know that all black is chosen most. However all white and all blue are amazing as well. When you wear suit jackets, you can choose multifarious colors to make you look more vivid.



w Knee length pencil skirt

Knee length pencil skirt’s excellent cutting makes women more sexy and enchanting. In fact, simple not just means using one color. It is a good choice to choose all kinds of color to enhance brightness, but you have to pay more attention on coordinating different colors which on your clothing. For example, jean pencil skirt of knee length matches white T-shirt is a nice-looking.


w One-piece dresses

One-piece dresses extremely reflect simple style. It causes a revolution of simple style. Amal Alamuddin is the symbol in simple style. Decorating one-piece with faint colors and excellent clipping make people looked more capable and experienced. Using drapes and waistline on one-piece dresses are wise choice.
w Waistcoat
Waistcoat is very practical in spring and autumn and it is easy to be matched with other clothing. Grey knitting matches legging and light tan color’s waistcoat is a good matching. White T-shirt with waistcoat also create a good looking.
Most fashion we cannot wear in daily lives, while simple style is the best choice for normal lives without losing fashion.

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