Monday, October 05, 2015

Get Down and Shake it Out

Get Down and Shake it Out

Say bye to the straightening iron and hello to the curling iron for carefree wild mermaid locks and springy ‘70s-style waves.

The How- to 

Want those loose waves everyone has? By using these simple 6 steps you will become master of the waves in 30 short minutes. 

Step 1)First begin by, use the moisturizing milk leave in conditioner treatment and run it through your locks with your fingers making sure its applied evenly for optimal coverage. 

Step2 ) Rolling on to the next step is to create a centre part in your hair with a comb and blow dry the front two pieces away from your face. After using the leave-in conditioner and making a centre part use the blow dryer to dry the rest of your hair, switching between brush and your fingers creating that amazing messy look. Make sure all hair is fully dry. Separate a small amount of hair and brush it out once using a round brush to make your hair fluffy.

Step 3) Now on to the curling iron! For different lengths of hair use the according size of curling iron: short hair use a 13mm to 19mm iron and for medium length to long hair use 32mm. Hold iron on a forty five degree angle downwards. Hold for 10 seconds and let go. Continue curling small sections until you've curled every single piece (you may have the Shirley temple look going on, but don't worry) . Don't forget to smile because you're almost there to achieving this hot fresh look! 

Step 4) Brush out the curls lightly using the round brush to make the curls loose, if they look a little too curly pull down on the sections for 5 seconds. Pour a dime-sized amount of smooth soothing Moroccan oil in the palm of your hand and run it through each section of your hair making it shiny and silky. 

Step 5) Almost there! Use the CHI enviro spray with natural hold hair spray and sprits lightly from a distance about 12 inches away from each section of curled hair so they stay in for your crazy day. 

Sep 6) Now shake, shake and shake it out to the Taylor Swift’s song Shake It Off for even more fun. The more you tassel your mane around the more street wave it will look! These waves look even better the second day so in 30 minutes you achieve a look for not one, but two days with a little help from dry shampoo. Now you’re ready to pick your outfit and strut down the street camera ready!

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