Monday, February 03, 2014

The Fresh, The Fierce, The Innocent

Live, Love and Embrace this Spring’s Seasons most Fabulous Finds for the Fashion Forward Trendsetter. Let yourself get carried away with great new looks by getting in line for What’s “In” for Spring 2014. Bohemian and Embroidered inspired pieces are on the move and creating Eye-Catching Moments. Say goodbye to the dark reds that covered our lips and say HELLO to the Bright hues of Orange. Look to the accents of Fringe to your satisfy your Fashion Palate and add that Edgy Flare to your everyday look! But make sure to rid your wardrobe of the wedge sneaker and incorporate the new Embellished Sandal and Low-Wedge Heel. Don’t forget to stand out with a touch of Radiant Orchid as the new colour of the year. Keep in mind though, this Spring is not about making repeats, but instead moving forward. Make sure to be on your heels for What’s “Out” for Spring 2014 and leave those pieces in the cold!  

The Wanderlust Bohemian
No need to travel anymore to find your inner Bohemia! From catwalks to the streets, this season has all the must-have bohemian dresses incorporating the four elements with a sense of earthiness, brocades, embroidered patterns, oranges and turquoise colours.  

Embroidered Embellishments
Embroidery is making a splash, as it is the first swimwear trend to walk the S/S 14 runways. Watch out for this multi-coloured embellishment trend as it is replacing our traditional prints and graphics.

Fierce Lip Action
Winter is Gone and with that we say Goodbye to the somber reds and walk into the Sun with Bright Oranges. No longer will our lips be stained dark but instead embrace the warmth. Its time to bring back the light!

1920’s Fringe
The 1920’s called and they want their fringe back and we won’t give it to them! Fringe is “In” people, and its time to let it all out and forget about the minimal, plain purses of last year. Fierce Fringe for the Win!

How Low Can You Go
Sandals and low-wedge heels are all the craze this season. Look to leather sandals with beaded embellishments mimicking the bohemia look in the clothing. Bright colours in hues of blues, oranges, browns, greens and reds for this season, making any outfit pop with colour and individuality.   

Why oh Why?
We need to all take a moment and say our goodbyes to the wedge sneakers of last year. Actually, there is no time for that; they just need to be gone.

From Bad Girl to Good Girl
Heavy eye-makeup is now the outcast in the beauty world. It is all about embracing the natural and using soft tones for those lids. Browns, pinks, gold’s, and earthy tones are all you need for your make-up bag this season.

Purple Rain vs. The Emerald City
Last years colour of the year was Emerald Green and this years is Radiant Orchid! This great pop of purple can add the necessary colour to any outfit, while the Emerald is too harsh for the warmth of Spring. Look for it in the nail polish aisle to get that polished trendy look.  

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