Sunday, February 02, 2014

Four Ways To Wrap Your Head Around It

Four Ways To Wrap Your Head Around It 
The keys to mastering one of Canada’s favorite accessory – Whether it’s a chunky wool or luxurious chiffon.

The Chunky One

To achieve that cozy, and comfortable look this winter, which makes everyone think that winter is a breeze for you! – Opt for a knitted, wool scarf this season. A wooly infinity scarf is great for layering and looks great paired with wool and leather winter coats. Not only do these scarves look great but also their functionality is equally amazing. Your neck will be extremely warm and you will achieve and air of confidence in the cooler climate with that extra layer.

The Classic One
If you want a piece that will go with almost any winter look, while keeping you warm, go for a classic, fringed scarf. Whether it’s an iconic Burberry scarf (pictured), or just a plain black, cashmere scarf, this staple will also have a place in an outfit. The fringes give the esthetic appeal when the wearer is moving, adding elegance to every step!

The Furry One

Made from specialty furs such as fox and coyote, real fur scarves will make anyone admire what is on your neck. This luxurious statement accessory incorporates fashion, warmth and distinction. Fur pellets can be expensive, however your wallet, as well as the animals don’t have to pay for it! Amazing faux furs are available as well. Sporting designs that lightly hug your neck, the use of fur scarves are becoming much more imminent.

The Luxurious One
Although this piece has a minimum amount of functionality, especially for the winter weather, it definitely stands out. Scarves aren’t just for winter anymore! With beautiful prints and colors, scarves made from luxurious materials such as silk and other high quality alternatives are making its way into the wardrobes of women (and men!) all over the country, all year long.

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