Monday, February 03, 2014

Vegan Vogue

Most women want to appear attractive, and these days that came come at any cost. I’m not talking about monetary cost; many beauty products and clothing items we have today come at a large cost to the environment and animals. Whether it’s your new fur jacket, makeup tested on animals, or that bear skin rug in your living room (okay, I realize that last one may be a stretch); innocent animals are suffering for now reason. There are many more options today to live a glamorous, chic life and not harm anyone in the process.

Beauty From Within

Most women are unaware of the fact that many of the big name brand beauty products test their cosmetics on animals, at no less than one stage of their development. Some of these companies include: Almay, Avon, Calgon, Chapstick, Dove, Herbal Essences, M.A.C., and Suave. It’s quite shocking, and many of these companies are hard to avoid when you are a stylish woman. However, there is hope. These days, there are just as many companies that do not test on animals and they advertise on their labels. Some of these cruelty-free companies include: Burt’s Bees, Conair, Crabtree & Evelyn Cosmetics, E.L.F. Cosmetics, Earth Science, and the Body Shop.

Compassionate Clothing

The most obvious way to be animal friendly in your fashion choices is to stay away from fur. Nonetheless, if you simply must sport the Cruella De-Ville look, second hand store usually carry fur coats. Since they have already been made long ago, it’s much better to purchase a second one because you won’t be supporting the current fur industry and at least the coat will be put to use rather than hanging in a store. A vegan fashionista would also want to stay away from silk, wool, down, and leather. Many synthetic alternatives are easy to find and are labeled as such: faux fur, faux leather, etc. If ever you are unsure, ask a sales associate if the particular material is ‘real’ or synthetic.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

The only involvement animals should have in a vegan home are as pets – and they are the best accessory of all! However just as with beauty products, it’s surprising to many that numerous household cleaning products are tested on animals. Always check the label to see that it says “not tested on animals”. Also, when choosing furniture, stay away from the cashmere throws, sheepskin rugs, and leather sofas. Instead choose cotton, polyester, or ‘faux’ types of fabrics.  With simple switches and being mindful, you can make your vegetarian way of life extend past your dinner plate. With so many animal-friendly cosmetics, outfits, and couches, you can live a beautiful, vegan vogue lifestyle.

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