Monday, February 03, 2014

We Two are One

We Two are One
The synchronicity between fashion designers have always been strangely on point, but it seems to be the same in the art world too! Here’s how to match your fine art tastes with your upcoming spring wardrobe!

Lea Porsager x Damir Doma Spring 2014
Deep, DEEP, in a forest, over the rickety bridge, and through the cave is where a rare, undiscovered type of slime mold peacefully lives. Danish artist Lea Porsager has successfully created that mythological fungus. This interesting sculpture, now being shown at a group show at Fauna, a gallery in Copenhagen, seems to resemble an interesting piece of fabric, or maybe it was once fabric? I like to think of it as an expired shirt that has started to mold. The greens, which resemble a look from Damir Doma’s spring 2014 collection, are quite raw looking, like a colour you’d only ever find in nature, a colour you could only appreciate after sucking the nutrients out of a rock for a few hours, you know? Damir Doma’s use of this colour shows that he has probably done just that, and is now sharing his secrets with the world. The skirt is especially my favorite piece from this specific look, much like the sculpture, it looks like it would move beautifully in the wind. There are also some sheer elements, which has always screamed nature to me, I mean what’s more natural than showing the biggest organ you have?!

William Wegman x Proenza Schouler Spring 2014
We all know those images of dogs wearing people clothes right? I’m pretty sure we all experienced the shock and confusion on those random Sesame Street segments between Elmo trying to scare Julia Roberts and the Count well, counting(which is a joke I don’t think I fully understood until right now actually). Anyway, if you didn't know already, all these images and films have been created by photographer William Wegman. These photos are currently being shown at Galarie Meyer Kainer, a gallery in Venice. So clearly, in these two images we have explored a simpler and more involved form of fastening, which are comprised of two different pieces of fabric meant to be tied in whatever style you’d like! I personally like this idea, because I like when I have a few options and plus I’m a fan of pieces of fabric hanging off the body, as some sort of constant reminder of gravity. Furthermore, the beautiful tones of red both in the Proenza Schouler suede dress and the Dog’s jacket are quite striking, it’s quite rich and romantic and has some nice orangey undertones. I’d say it’s perfect for standing around in your rose garden, waiting to be photographed. I guess Wegman’s piece could also inspire a dog owner to dress up their beloved pooch to match them, creating some sort of strong statement of “mans best friend” through performance art.

Olof Inger x Vionnett Spring 2014
As you may already know, famous avant garde designer, Hussein Chayalan, has been appointed the great honor of taking over Vionnett’s “Demi-Couture” line, as a fan of both these designers I was excited to see what Chalayan’s approach would be. Chalayan’s interpretation of Vionnett resulted in 18 stunning and futuristic looks, including a dress made entirely of layers of sheer organza fabric, with circles cut out in varying degrees of sheerness, which created a very compelling look, sort of like the inside of a jawbreaker. Much like Chalayan’s interesting layering techniques, Olof Inger has layered several see-through garbage bags in order to create different levels of opacity. The piece, called, “Do You Remember 1” is currently being shown at the Miguel Abreu gallery in New York’s Lower East Side.

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