Monday, February 03, 2014

Modern Summer . . . .

Modern summer . . . . 

Shoes   Shoes   Shoes   Shoes   Shoes ! ! ! 

Sooooooo, that time of the year again is slowly creeping up on us and is going to be here before we know it - That is summer of corse i’m talking about. Summer is one of the greatest opportunities to wear some of the nicest well rounded well made shoes , which I find most fashionista don't take advantage of! everyone basically just reverts to wearing those “thong sandals” which are, come on - a lazy girls shoe.

First Things First - Loafer Slip On’s .. kinda. Do you remember those old checkered Vans that EVERYONE used to wear. ok yes, That style of shoe is back! (can you believe it) from some major Brand names like Celine to Givenchy, Senso to even department stores like Target all have this style shoe on the selves, A great shoe to wear out on a casual night and day. 

Ok, so it’s Monday you have the day off but you are going out to run a few errands, you don’t want to put a crazy amount of effort into your “outty” throw on a pair of Runners, The runner shoe has hit the trend graph at a high, Of corse you need these to work out those bod’s of yours but also they look super cute and casual with a pair of jeans and baseball jacket! 

Al though these shoes have always been around , they are making a come back quick and fast. The Birkenstock Arizona shoe. YUP, that slip on with the two straps that all of our dads have - am I right? or am I right? The Arizona style shoe is being produced by a ton of designer brands and is now on display for you to go and buy but if I were to suggest what “brand” to buy this style shoe ... I would stick with the original Birkenstocks! 

Now to get a little fancy on all of you fashionistas. The very minimal, strapped heel sandals, you know those ones that are about 1/8th of an inch around the ankle and about half an inch across the toe’s with a tremendous amount of support, ya those! just kidding, they are great and happen to be a favorite of today’s societies going out shoe, they can be so dressed up or down its really quite wonderful and everyone looks great in this particular shoe, like they all say - Less is more.

Lastly is some “cut-out booties” you have probably seen these everywhere, from low end to high end. Even though these boots have made a mark on last years summer they are definitely coming back for another one. The cut out booties are traditional and can be worn with whatever - Jeans, Shorts, Skirts even a fab summer dress. They are playful and can be worn in a numerous amount of ways, We are predicting that these cut out booties are going to be styled with some funky, cool colored and styled socks showing underneath the cut out - how awesome right.

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