Monday, February 03, 2014

Great influence of street fashion

  Spring is only less then season away, but we’ll be at no loss for what this season prepared to offer. Even though there may be a couple months before you can wear anything, however it’s always very tempting to run out and buy the first spring looks you see. The Fashion in a way went a bit crazy this year. With longer summers and winters, we’re looking for coats in May and float dresses in September. It is good that nowadays we’re more focused on our individual look than ever before The street influence became more important that any runway, or designer who tries to set his collection up as a trend.
  Instead of having been styled by models and designers who stands in front of the boards of directors, street fashion got most of the attention. It became more import in young culture, which makes designers to work harder for their collections in order to get attention. Street styles doesn’t have specific look, instead it has a bunch of different styles, all unique in the fact that the young people created them. Somehow, most of the designers started to check street style as well, young adults figured out the way to inspire high fashion designer based on their own style. The tight-fitted jeans once favored only by those wearing street fashion known as punk or emo nowadays became a common element in high fashion industry. Other example is hippies; loose-flowing dresses with filmy material became one of the most common styled these days. Hip Hop dancers and singers where the first rebel people who decided to start some action on the street. They converted their fashion style and habit into multi-billion dollar industry. Where does Hip Hop style came? It was created in African American urban movement and filtered into music industry and right now most of the most talented singers recognized because of that style.
  Some of the high-class designers took street fashion ideas for their collections. Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein always check up street fashion to implement in their collection.  These designers, managed to bring the style to another level by adding elegancy and formal wear. The most interesting street style was Japanese. Japan had a large influence in American young society. Underground club scene was the main influence to Japanese teenagers. Japanese street style had a big influence to Hip Hop culture.

  Street fashion, it’s something what we can rely on. It has individuality and self-impression by so many stylish individual. There is a reason, why no body from the industry tried to lock them up. They inspire people; give them ideas in what people can feel comfortable. Most of the designers influenced by street fashion, using looks for their collection.

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