Monday, February 03, 2014

Bum or Boho?

Bum or BOHO?
How to pull off the latest bohemian trend this spring, without looking sloppy.
Flowing Lace
Lace and flowered blouses are everywhere this spring. From tunics to kimonos to eyelet patterns and lace inserts these shirts give off a hippie vibe that anyone can pull off.
Rompers and Maxis
A favorite new label ,Stone Cold Fox is where we first spotted these super cute rompers.   An easy, quick way to pull off the boho look.  Great for travelling and easy breezy for those hot summer days, yet can easily be dressed up to wear into the night with the right accessories. Maxi skirts are everywhere. The long flowy skirts are so comfortable and can look stylish day-to-night.
Hair and Accessories
The boho look is definitely a relaxed look, so just letting your hair air dry isn’t only good for it but gives the beachy look.  Or braiding your hair, sleeping until the morning will also give you this look.  Head bands and jeweled head pieces are very popular with this trend.
Lots of rings, lots of bracelets and lots of everything goes with this trend.  Antiqued pieces, crystals and tourquiose stones are everywhere. Long chains, braided leather and even feathers are perfect for the boho

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