Friday, February 10, 2012


Fashions outfitted from head to toe brought to us by our favourite celebrities using social media! How to be everyone else’s fashionista using social media trending above all the others!

It has been evident that since early ages of our time that we as a society have been influenced by what was the hierarchy of our society to power what was worn during a certain period of time because of the idolized status that showered upon from that certain public figure. Whether it was a king, a queen or a movie star we have strived to mimic the look and style that they portrayed. Speaking in the context of today’s’ celebrity influence we are bombarded with the effortless access of seeing what a celebrity wears on a daily basis, thanks to social media and technology. Admissions to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and blogs, just to name a few of the big social media outlets today, have granted us the accessibility to be able to mimic our favourite celebrities styles within days, let alone hours. So why can’t we be the influencers and no longer the influencees?

Facebook, was one to of first world wide known social media outlets that conducted as an easy way of keeping in touch with family, and friends overseas or close by, just by the click of a mouse you can share your selected information with your “Facebook friends”. Then, followed twitter which documents momentary comments about what is currently going on, pretty much creating history for the future, everyone’s own public journal with a limited 140 characters. Along came Tumblr which is a more visual alternative to what blogs are, instead of more writing, its more pictures. Finally, blogs which majority of us have knowledge of what they are. A site dedicated to documenting our opinions and ideas on a certain topic that we display on the internet.

We take all these different versions of social media and mix them with celebrities and fashion, the result of that will be our own style icons on the go. From the tap of a screen or a push of a button on our “smart phones” we have access to all these social media and celebrities that take part in them. If not only celebrities but retailers and designers do this social fashion influencing, we can too. The trickle up theory can possibly happen because of you. It is as simple as using the camera you have on your phone and finding inspiration where ever you go. Then, posting it to social media like Facebook or Twitter, someone else sees it mimics it and then it becomes a domino effect. That is how it happens when a celebrity does it.

Social media has become the newest and hottest accessory to have along with your handbag or shoes. It’s dazzled with photos and quotes that identify your social fashion stance, whatever it may be. The technology we use today has not just become a tool for socializing with one another but as well as a fashion accessory, whether it is designed with only black, grey and white categorizing that as classic or if its elaborately decorated with colours and glitter that would be considered to be outgoing or eclectic. It all stems from our own personal style and expressing it through the social media tools we use on a daily basis. That is what celebrities and fashion icons do and so can you.

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