Friday, February 10, 2012

Treble in your closet?

If you’re experiencing the wardrobe blues, take some cues from your favourite play-list.

Whether it’s rhythm and blues, or metal grinds that get your feet tapping, your head banging, and your booty shaking; everyone has a beat that they can walk to. Music and the fashion industry are synchronous more than ever now, so it might be a good time to let your melodic tastes shine through your style. You don’t have to don a cone shaped bra like Lady Gaga or tattoo your face like Lil’ Wayne to do this. There are plenty of individualistic [yet slightly more conventional] ways to show your music preferences when dressing.

Nuthin’ but a style thang

You commemorate Biggie Smalls’ death annually. You think Jay-Z is God. You still like the word “swag” and aren’t afraid to say it. For Hip-hop lovers today a sweat suit is no longer the uniform of choice. Take a note from Beyoncé who is always on fashion’s radar and show some skin, not too much, with a little sheen and shine. To get the “swag” that you so perpetually rep, mixing sporty classics such as the Adidas stripes, with tough textures like leather and bold statement jewelry is a good way to start. Get the look: leather shorts, denim buttoned-up shirt loosely tucked in, “fitted hat”, high-tops, and chunky gold or silver necklaces.

Papa was a Rolling Stone

You grew up listening to Led Zeppelin and Neil Young, but since then you have progressed to the dark side of the moon and beyond. You definitely don’t fear the reaper and if you did, you’d tell it to shove off (in a British accent because you’re totally into London’s post-punk psycho-billy movement lately). Last but most certainly not least, you’re into leather. So what would someone so strongly opinionated musically be into wearing this spring? Well, leather is a given, but what you might not know about is that creepers and beetle boots are the best shoes for you to pair with any roughed-up denim. If you really want to opt for the band t-shirt, please make it vintage or authentic; no one wants to see the letters H&M on the bottom right of your “Harley” t-shirt. Get the look: leather pleated mini-skirt, white cropped lace/textured top, cross choker pendant, and Doc Martins.

Teenage Dream

Growing up you always wanted to be “Baby Spice”. Your favourite food is cupcakes. You’re secretly disappointed when pink isn’t the colour of the season. And you swear you only started liking Justin Bieber once he was of age. Well you’re in luck my material girl, this spring your favourite colour can creep it’s way into your wardrobe once again. But get rid of that neon pink crop top you wore last season…it won’t fly this time around. Spring 2012 runways have forecasted pastel shades of salmon, peach, and light bubble-gum pink. A great way to make this colour trend look polished and fashion forward is to do tone on tone. Opting for fabrics such as silk, chiffon, twill, and woven cotton are a good way to make the top and bottom differentiate from each other; you don’t want to look like you’re wearing pajamas. Get the look: cropped salmon twill pants, lighter salmon chiffon button up shirt, simple beaded necklace peeking out under the collar.

Old fashioned walk

You came out of the womb wearing red lipstick. Polka dots and vinyl are your best friend. When you hear Flo Ridas song Good Feeling, all you hear is Etta James. To say you are a fan of vintage music is an understatement. As luck would have it, there is a modernized retro trend brewing for spring/summer 2012. Pair a colourful bra/bikini top with a high-waist circle skirt or pencil skirt to get that 50s look down pat. Or wear a drop-waist sailors dress to the beach a la Coco Chanel in the 20s. Try playing around with different fashion eras this spring. You dont have to have only one love, after all, Sinatra didnt. Get the look: sweat-heart neckline bustier, high waist circle skirt in a tropical print, strappy espadrilles, and heart shaped sunnies.

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