Friday, February 10, 2012

Baby, It's Bold Outside

Now that the winter is gone for good, here are 4 ways to liven up your look for socializing this spring.

After winter, it can sometimes be hard to put away our dark colours and embrace spring style. After dressing in the dark for all those months, it is time to back away from the black and get out of the grey. Spring is here, and with it comes the opportunity to show off some of the seasons best trends at any and every event on your social calendar.

Flower Power

Ditch the dark colours and step into something patterned. These aren't your grandma's florals either. This trend is about going big. Punch up your look with a vivid piece and defy expectations by trying a tropical island colour pallet. Whether you decide to go all the way, in a floral dress, or to keep in simple with just one part of your outfit, like a great pair or floral shorts, this trend is sure to get all eyes on you.

Shine On

High tech fabrics are big for spring. After a holiday season filled with head-to-toe metallics and sequins, this is a more subtle way to light up the night, without looking like you've been glitter-bombed. Fabrics with a slight sheen give a sleek and modern edge, without being too harsh. When wearing fabrics with a shimmer, don't over accessorize. Pair a piece that has sheen with neutrals. These two things will keep you shining without pushing you over the top.

Daisy Who?

Put Miss Buchanan to shame by trying out some 20's style elegance this season. With the new version of The Great Gatsby on its way, everyone wants a piece of the jazz age. Silks, feathers, and beading are among some of the deco details that are part of this trend. Don't go full-on flapper, though. Try a dress with a dropped waist or a fringed skirt, but leave the headband at home. You'll be garden party ready in no time.

Tribal Beat

This trend is sure to keep you on the island, no matter what the council says. Tribal influences are new for spring. Animal prints are still in. For those of you who are willing to be bold, try a flowing maxi dress in a large cat spot print. Not quite ready for the safari? Try pairing an earthy colour with a geometric print for a look without the claws and teeth. And don't forget to mix up your textures. Try some wooden jewellery, and look for beaded details to add some depth to an outfit.

Now that the world is done hibernating in their down filled jackets, it's time to show off your style savvy. So whether you decide to go bold, travel back in time, or across the world, these Spring trends are sure to have you turning heads and dropping jaws wherever you go.

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