Friday, February 10, 2012


What compels individuals to post their daily outfits onto online communities?
Perhaps their goal is to spur inspiration in others, or to share a common aesthetic: an expression of creativity. Or, maybe, it’s a desperate appeal for daily affirmation of one’s self-image.

To name a few:, The Fashion Spot, Styleforum, Superfuture, blogs, youtube videos and even instagram – have all been used to connect the fashion conscious with the fashion curious. Although these environments all differ from one another, and cover a vast array of topics respectively, the common thread that ties them together is What Are You Wearing Today? (WAYWT).

A WAYWT post can include carefully curated, well made garments with complimenting fabrics, style and fits; or can be nothing but an extreme example of brand synergy with ill-fitting pants and a Supreme hat. A WAYWT post can be an eclectic mix of vintage and ASOS (I’m looking at you,, finished with a pouty lip and an “antique” edit over the photograph.

Despite what’s in it, that photograph is a self-submitted daily diary of your clothing decisions. So why do some people choose to post them (and sometimes cross post them on different forums)? The answer is not black and white. Perhaps the people posting have not thought of it themselves, but what does it say about them? Who are they to think that what they wear is so important to anyone else, that they should take the time and energy to capture a decent photograph, upload, edit, and post it? What drives them to dump their bags in front of our eyes on YouTube? Or to post a picture of themselves on their tumblr between Freja and Moss.

Is it selfish?
Is it creative?
It can be.
Is it purposeful?
Maybe, maybe not.
However, it is still well received. It get’s attention. Hype. Rep. Internet recognition.

Thousands of WAYWT posts are made each day, followed by encouraging words (“LOVE YOUR WANG BAG!!” “Dope fades, bro” “Your look is so unique! Is that skirt from Urban Outfitters or AA?”), or criticism. This attention is maybe what encouraged the person to post in the first place, and to keep posting.

We are the Internet Generation. We grew up with the Internet. But some people are growing up on the Internet. Call me old fashioned, but I remember when 13 year-olds just got dressed and … then they were dressed. Now, they are posting their adventurous and confusing outfits and becoming Internet famous (Hi, Tavi!).
While I’ve never posted a WAYWT, I do often scroll through them. Which is just as big of a mystery to me as why people post them.

Personally speaking, I guess I look to them for inspiration; how to dress, or sometimes how not to dress. Even if I can’t agree, or understand the mentality it takes to post a WAYWT, they can be refreshing. Fashion is fed to us on towering stick-thin models, in glossy fantasy editorials, so it can be encouraging to see how clothing takes form on real people, and how real people can take fashion and convey a truly personal style.


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