Saturday, February 11, 2012

What are you Wearing?

The unwritten rules for dressing for success, from socially acceptable to social acceptance, because knowing what to wear is half the battle.

Let's face it, we all do it! Whether its the last minute phone call to your friends to decide what dress to wear, or the fashion faux pas that has everyone saying "what are you wearing?!"

The Job Interview
With graduation around the corner, it has us all thinking about our careers. While many of us have been subjected to stresses of the job interview, you have to admit when it comes to your career it's a whole other level of stress. Thinking about what to wear to the interview shouldn't be one of them.

According to Canadian Living magazine, before you decide on what to wear, you should investigate the companies corporate culture and learn about their dress code.

What you decide to wear says a lot about you but also how you view the company and how you will approach the job, which is the basis of the advice provided by the Student Affairs at Virginia Tech University; that you should be memorable and not your outfit.

The First Date
Going on a date with someone for the first time is full of uncertainties, but the thing you can be certain of is how to dress to impress.

Patti Stranger, famous for Millionaire Matchmaker, is an expert on first dates.

From Shape Magazine, some of her best advice includes, don't overdo the accessories, the details like a pearly white smile won't go unnoticed, stilettos will make your legs look longer, dress up a little even when the date calls for casual, wearing red will be sure to get his attention, and suggests that wearing your hair down will make him want to run his fingers through it.

The Cocktail Party
While you might not think that you'll be going to a cocktail party anytime soon, consider the weddings of your friends you'll be attending in five years. The perfect cocktail dress is just what the occasion calls for.

Of course the little black dress, LBD, always works but if you willing to be a little more adventurous try colour with a bit of sequins. For great ideas check out Vogue's online article on Cocktails dresses with over a hundred ideas for your next cocktail dress.

The Night Out
Ever wonder why some get by the red rope of the hottest night clubs and others don't? It might be what they wear.

The NY Times investigates some of the snobbiest clubs, notorious for their dress code, where for the women it's all about the shoes, the Christian Louboutins and the Jimmy Choos, with a minimum 5 inch heal.

Then across the city, The NY Times noted, at the hipster bars it's patron prefer the look of tighter denim.

One interviewee commented that "today (clubgoers) dress in costume," like the "guidette" trend, based on how the want to be perceived, but no matter the look it's all about how you "rock it!"

The Family Function
Tired of your mother’s nagging comments about dressing appropriately in front of Grandma and the Aunt who has an opinion about everything?

Ever notice how well you know your Mom? That you probably know what she’s going to say before she says it? Use that to your advantage when you go shopping and before getting dressed for a family function. Think, “What would my mother want me to do?”

Let’s face it you’re going to give in eventually, so it might just be worth sacrificing your individual style just this once for your Mom.

It might just save you from the argument all together and the looks from your meddling family members.

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