Friday, February 10, 2012

One Stop iShop!

Be in-the-know with the three top tech-savvy Fashion apps

Shopping has evolved with a combination of advancements in technology and our social media saturated society. As shopping will continue to evolve, we fashionista’s shall adhere to the new ways of staying on top of your fashion game. The market for Smartphone Apps is one that is not faltering, hence the abundance of mediocre fashion apps floating among cyber space. No need to be overwhelmed; because here are your top three tech-savvy apps that will have you on trend with the latest fashion and biggest deal.

This multifaceted website made the brilliant move of creating an app for any Smartphone. It took no time at all for devoted website-shopping enthusiasts to fall in love with this efficient fashion engine. The design of the app is run on an ‘event’ basis where all merchandise being sold is categorized by designer/brand and only available on the website for a predetermined amount of days. The HauteLook app will send your phone an instant notification when an ‘event’ has started so you can be the first to purchase and be on trend. The variety of categories is really what gives this app its integrity. You have everything from eye shadow, teeth whitening kits, to Steve Madden shoes and Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dresses. HauteLook is an affordable fashion accessory that will never go out of style.

This brilliant website has started the revelation of iWindow shopping. is also a online fashion website that accumulated so much popularity that once they created their Smartphone app it instantly was accompanied with a cult following. The high-fashion magazine inspired app design allows you to get lost in a fashion induced day dream. The main page acts as a cover page that is constantly changing and always adorned with a sassy one-liner. The main page consistently has five different categories, What’s New is a compilation of all the newest garments in the fashion industry, the next three categories are always changing and titled in correlation to the trend they are displaying, and the last category is always Magazine which is a look book inspired creative haven. Net-a-porter uses a crisp white background that completely compliments the artistic fashion, also the brilliant lay out they designed so you can see a close-up picture and further information on any garment you are interested in is so well done it feels like you’re playing a game.

This fashion app takes on a different angle then the two previous. StylishGirl is legitimately the new-age Clueless electronic closet organizer, which was only just a dream back in 1995. This app is created to be your personal fashion assistant. The main page layout has adorable visuals that go along with each category. Add Item allows you to take pictures of any of your personal wardrobe with your phone, which is then stored in My Closet. My Closet is literally your own electronically organized wardrobe, helps you put together outfits. The actual category Outfits lets you shop/iWindow shop and put together outfits with your dream pieces and garments you already own. Wish Bag lets you organize all the items you wish to purchase. The Calendar category will remind you when you need to make certain purchases like for a friends birthday or if you got paid. The ingenious category Suitcase lets you virtually pack a suitcase using Mycloset before you go away. The Fashion Mall category lets you shop by accessories, jewelry, shoes, bags or clothing; this stands out because it allows you to shop online without having to filter through the surplus that is on the web. Finally the Fashion Lounge, this interactive category contains a blog, and personalized videos of other stylist giving tips and ideas. Within Fashion lounge you can also design, search latest look that people have put together, search most wanted items and get tips on any style inquires.

HauteLook, NET-A-PORTER.COM, and StylishGirl are all free apps, so indulge your fashionista eyeballs on these savvy smart phone apps and never feel deprived of your fashion fix again.

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