Friday, February 10, 2012

Fashion 101 for Spring and Summer!

Get ready for a fashionable season!

We all dread the winter season. Everyone’s cold, miserable and all bundled up from head to toe, which makes it hard to make a fashion statement. Well, spring is here, and summer is right around the corner. It’s time to take off all those layers, bask in the warm sunshine and show everyone what you got!

Bright vibrant colours, and colourful spring/summer patterns are in, it gives a fun fresh look. The colour that will be a very popular is the colour red! Red clothes, jewellery, purses anything red is in fashion!

Skinnies, Baggy, boyfriend, wide leg, leggings (tights) and jeggings are the pants to wear. Skirts can be worn as casual or dressed up. Slim fitted skirts are very popular right now, especially the high waist fitted skirts. But did you know that long skirts can be worn as a dress? It’s true you can! If you see a nice long skirt, you can wear it as a dress and no one will be able to tell the difference, but you! Dresses are always nice to wear casually or dressed up. What’s in style for this season are fitted dresses, gathered waist dresses, belted dresses, fringed dresses, pleated dresses, a line dresses, long slim fitted dresses, flowing dresses. And last but not least dresses that have a printed pattern on them, they set a great look. Crops tops, graphic shirts, bra (crop tops, structured, and bandeau) are great with jeans, tights, skirt or shorts. It just depends on your sense of style.

Accessories play a big part in an outfit, to make it better and stand out more. Clutches, long strap, and big purses are the ones to be wearing this season. Chunky “bracelets” (or bangles), also cubic zirconia gems earrings, bracelets; necklaces have slowly made its way to being popular again. Costume Jewellery with a vintage look is another way to stand out this spring. Last but not least pearls have been on and off in fashion scene, earrings and a simple pearl necklace can be added to your outfit for a classy look. Big; earring, necklaces, and rings are a great accessory to wear with an outfit. Nail polish on your nails can help make you stand out; the colours to get are bright coloured nail polish. Also a nail polish craze is going on its called “crackel”, its fun and gives an edgy punk look. Make up plays another important part to standing out in the summer. Pink and red lipsticks are the colours to wear. The “natural” look is becoming more a popular look to just put on cover up and mascara and maybe a little blush on. Or if you wanted to stand out with your makeup, you can put on eye liner (preferably liquid) and a colour shimmering eye shadow to make your eyes pop out more. Either of the looks you choose for this summer, you’re guaranteed to catch some or a lot of attention this spring/summer!

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