Monday, February 02, 2009

URBAN REMOVAL -- How to leave the city behind without leaving the 416 – or spending a cent.

Spring is upon us – flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and savings accounts are shrinking as we stock up on sandals and sundresses. Being cash-conscious can leave you all dressed up with nowhere to strut your stuff. So what’s a girl to do? Grab your guy, your most stylish sunglasses, check out these urban sanctuaries, and fall in love with Toronto – and him – all over again.

Fly Away
Humber Bay Butterfly Habitat

Here, more than 100 different varieties of plants support indigenous butterflies throughout their entire life cycle. Be sure to pay a visit to the Home Garden Sanctuary and learn how to transform your own garden into a personal butterfly habitat. And why not share a few butterfly kisses while you’re at it?
Located at Lakeshore Boulevard and Park Lawn Road, Etobicoke.

Love Song
Toronto Music Garden

A new addition to the downtown cultural scene, the Music Garden is a waterfront park inspired by Bach’s Suite No. 1, a classical cello piece. The six movements of the piece have been represented by twisting paths, flowering meadows, and strategically-placed trees and boulders. Explore the Garden and spend some quality time with a talented musician, even if he’s been dead for a couple hundred years.
Located at Queen’s Quay Boulevard West, between Bathurst and Spadina.

Cloud Nine
Cloud Gardens

Boasting a greenhouse and a man-made waterfall, Toronto’s Cloud Gardens is the perfect place to escape the city without ever leaving the downtown core. Beware of the ever-romantic under-the-waterfall kiss though – chlorine wreaks havoc on hairdos.
Located at Richmond Street West, between Bay and Yonge.

Good Morning Sunshine
Woodbine Beach

Known as one of the city’s most popular warm-weather destinations, Woodbine Beach has it all – sand, sun, and sexy beach bods. It’s easy to spend a day here, slathered in Dior Snow Ultra-Protective Base SPF 50, of course. Sand and stilettos don’t mix, so try taking a stroll down the renowned boardwalk instead.
Located at Lakeshore Boulevard East and Woodbine Avenue.

Get Fresh
Rosetta McClain Gardens

This beautiful retreat lies within Scarborough’s Bluffers Park. Follow the stone paths and lose yourself amongst the herbs, perennials, and roses – not to mention the birds, butterflies, and breathtaking views of Lake Ontario. Rosetta McClain Gardens also happens to be a hotspot for weddings – champagne, anyone?
Located at Kingston Road and Glen Everest Road, Scarborough.

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