Monday, February 02, 2009

Mixed Messages

Clothing says a lot about an individual. Fashion is a way to describe your self in ways that words can’t. Providing a professional and appropriate look is key in the workplace, but others seem to disagree. Whether it’s because they want to dress to impress, or mix inappropriate fashion with work attire.

Fit the Part

Try to look your best; you want to make a lasting impression. Wear an appropriate skirt, blouse, jacket, and dress shoes. Your hair should be neat and out of your face. Keep makeup simple and
use neutral colors. Dress for success.

Your nails should always be clean. Nails shouldn't be extremely long, polished in a neutral color is appropriate.

Sandals are never appropriate, wear closed-toe shoes. Stick with a conservative style. Women should not wear super high heels to work, wear a small heel or simple shoe. Keep your shoes in good condition.

Wearing large earrings or thick chains are overwhelming. Be simple.

There is nothing wrong with being fashionable, or showing your sense of style. This depends on where you work and whom you work with. Keep your style balanced. Don’t wear too much and don’t be too boring. Looking good will make you feel good, it will show that you are dedicated to your job.

The Final Cut

If you dress unacceptable you wont be take seriously for your job, no matter how skilled a person may be.Work is a place to represent your company and there ideas, not your own perspective. Be certain that your clothing choices properly reflect the event or location you are about to attend. If you require a lot of communication in your job you must look professional, or else you won’t be taken as professional.
Cover up tattoos and body jewelry. Wearing low cut shirts and short skirts are very inappropriate. This will cause inappropriate attention, and maybe even lead to sexual harassment. Don’t make yourself look available; others will assume that you do not take your responsibilities seriously.

Dressing too sexual or looking too casual in a business setting is inappropriate. Either choices show that an individual is not showing consideration for the company grooming standards. Take care of your appearance, feeling and looking clean is essential.

Dress Professional When You Have To

Keep in mind, you don't have to give up your sexy attire altogether--you can save your style for the evenings, weekends and holidays. You'll be glad to expressing yourself at the right time rather than at work where your coworkers may take offense. If you are unsure of what is inappropriate for work find out by reading the employer's dress code, or observe other employees.

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