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Right now in fashion anything goes.
Say bye bye to typical trends

From New York to Milan the collections seen on the runways for spring/summer 2009 have been influenced by headlines of the looming economy, but economy crisis or not, the shows went on. From New York to Milan designers such as; Chanel, Roberto Cavalli, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen and many others have all produced real-life notions, including fresh takes on dressed-up war time colours and designers ,going for plain and sophistication,. Here are the season's top trends

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Chanel won't let the fashion spirit be dampened by anything as unchic as a credit crunch

At Paris fashion week no major new trends born or big statements made, just proof of how wearable and varied the Chanel woman can be. Chanel has gone back to the basic and practicality of dressing. Cashmere twin sets, gorgeous pleated white blouses with black ribbons at the empire line and delicious chiffon tops that were finely embroidered .It was happy sophistication, the image Chanel created was a clear any grey mood.
There is no right or wrong when it comes to fashion.

Marc Jacobs is a prime example of that .At New York fashion week Marc Jacobs choose to bring back lesson in American history with- feminist and social influence in his collection. That would be due to his creative use of lavishing colours embellished touches , which included bustles, ruffled suffragette skirts, pant suits, Dust Bowl-era floral appliqu├ęs , plaid blouses and accessorized flattened Twenties straw boaters, Rosie the Riveter-style do-rags, bold gold jewellery and very fanciful shoes and purses.
It's nakedness but is sure is powerful

Designer Roberto Cavalli has a clever knack of tempting women to look sexy and chic; he helps women too celebrate their female power over men. Mini dresses with stiff corsets that looked as if they were hand-painted with baroque illustrations, and bustles at the back. One featured a peacock print and was followed by a line-up of more fluid chiffon dresses that hung from single halter strands in neon prints of green and yellow, pink and turquoise or black and white.

Everyone has a little animal in them
Alexander McQueen's spring/summer 2009 collection was influenced by the animal kingdom. Alligator skin corset belts that freed silk robes to burst forth into bloomer pants and fluid silk uppers and an occasional flash of zebra print , but more references were even more beautiful such as; fine silk tassels looped around the body in degrades of black to grey and pink. His creations were simply beautiful and unique.

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