Sunday, February 01, 2009

Insta-Emo – A guide on how to achieve that emotional sense of style.

So what is “emo” anyway? Firstly it is short for emotional. Secondly it is sub genre of music, and lastly, it is a style. How does on dress emo? The following steps will be a sure guide to help you achieve that emo look.

The Basic Fashion…

The emo style is quite different. They tend to wear a similar colour palate as their hair choices. Black. Emo boys usually sport undersized clothing. A lot of them will wear girls tapered pants. When it comes to their shirts, they like the vintage band t-shirt look. Emo girls tend to dress similarly. However, many emos make their own clothing or modify their own clothes to achieve the tight fit they are going after. Girls and boys that are emo share the same taste when it comes to fashion. As a staple rule, emo boys and girls wear several combinations of facial piercings.

The 411 on emo hair.

The side bang. Whether it is flat-ironed to the point of no return or greased up with a multitude of hair gels, glues or pastes. The side bang is an emo’s prized possession. Some might refer to emo hair as the “reverse mullet” Emo hair is usually asymmetrical, short in the back and long in the front, pushed to the side resulting in the side bang. Generally, it appears as if a four year old attacked your head with scissors while you slept. Emo’s tend to hide their eyes with their hair. No matter what their hair looks like it typically is covering some portion of their face. Since they are usually shy this helps them cover their shyness. There look is over all mystifying. Finally, go to your local drug store and purchase yourself some hair dye of the jet black variety. No emo would take you seriously with out it. However, brightly coloured undertones or streaks are accepted.

Emo Mentality.

As discussed, an emo is one who loves wearing emo clothing; will have an emo-tional character and loves jamming to emo music. These kids love to chill with other emo kids (boys and girls), and they often come off as being sad a lot. Typically they do not smile much or show any confidence or faith in anything. Making eye contact with you is something that rarely happens.

Kiss me, I’m Emo.

Emo boys kissing? Not an uncommon occurrence. It is actually considered to be the hottest thing in the emo scene. Usually there is no attraction behind the act of emo guys kissing. They just do it because they can, and they know girls think it's sexy. You ask are they bi? Most of them are not, like mentioned about they like to get the attention the girls give them when they make out.

It’s simple really. The emo appearance and mentality is easily achieved no matter how spunky the look. It really just boils down to dark hair, tight clothes, eye make up and be sad. Got it? Good. Now, go drown your sorrows with a razor blade.

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