Sunday, February 01, 2009

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues: Tomorrows denim trends inspired by yesterdays fashion

As we head into spring ’09 the denim is heading back to the good old days of being worn in and worn out, whether it be done by you or your boyfriend. It is all about “out with the new and in with the old” as we slip out of our boyfriends shirt and into their jeans.

My Boyfriend’s Back

The boyfriend jean tends to be loose through the leg and a rolled cuff at the bottom making it look like your really wearing your boyfriend’s clothes. This is a trend that started last year and to some just looked wrong. Celebrities such as Katie Holmes were seen wearing these jeans and made them seem like a don’t right from the start. But it was other A-Listers such as Rachel Bilson, Reese Witherspoon and Lindsey Lohan that pulled the look of just right and made it a comeback for 2009. Keep the look feminine by pairing your denim with a fitted top and cute flats in order to pull this look off successfully.

I’m All Torn Up

Back in the day of greasy hair and heavy metal, ripped denim was a staple back of the 80’s and 90’s but hadn’t really resurfaced until last year when it reappeared on the runways of spring and summer collections and bared assets of such supermodels as Kate Moss and Giesel Bundchen. It is now returning in 2009’s spring/summer collection, making it trendy to look like your jeans just came out of a paper shredder. The look, whether it is created by you or created by a designer in which you paid large sums of money for, is meant to be revealing unlike in the past when it was meant to look like you didn’t care about your appearance. So it’s time to get out your scissors or your credit card and get ripped.

Breakfast in My Skinnys

For all you Audrey Hepburn fans you can breath a sigh of relief because skinny jeans are still in for another season. The skinny jean has become a staple in every woman’s closet ever since Audrey’s dance scene from “Funny Face” was used in Gaps 2006 commercial. It is a denim that is more versatile then any other, going from flats and a flowing blouse to stilettos and a plunging neckline. If no other jean style suits your fancy then stick with what works and shimmy into your skinnys.

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