Monday, February 02, 2009

All That Glisters is Not Gold…

Forget ‘sun kissed’, become more intimate with the sun.

Tanning season is just around the corner ladies and gentlemen, after a winter that felt more like an ice age, everybody’s coming out of hibernation and getting ready to soak up every last drop of the sun!
Here are a few pointers to not only get that body glittering in gold and bronze shades, but also how to maintain and enjoy the fruit of your labor for so much longer.
First and foremost don’t waste precious time tanning skin that will only flake off in a few days or weeks. Exfoliate before every single tanning session; get rid of all those dead skin cells, and remove any impurities to allow your skin to breathe. There are great shower gels, and beauty bars out there with exfoliating micro beads to get rid of that dead skin, and prepare your body to capture the essence of the sun. A great one is Dove Pro-age bar, it prevents signs of aging skin, contains moisturizers, as well as those great micro beads. It’s an all-in-one wonder! Your skin is a canvas, and the sun is the artist!
Now skeptics listen up this is for you, always invest in a good tanning lotion, they are not scams. These potions are specially formulated to capture those precious rays, and protect your skin at the same time. There is an incredible variety; some even have added bronzer, to get an instant “tan” while you build up your real one! So explore your options, and don’t settle. Also, remember to always keep track of how long you’ve been in the sun, the number one thing you want to avoid is burning; it’s tremendous damage to the skin! It speeds up aging, giving you wrinkles and diminishes your tan prematurely; you need to wait to heal before you can tan again, and once you have healed the tanning process needs to start over again.
A great tip to achieve a tan quicker is to keep active, get blood moving in your body. It is best to enjoy physical activities before a tanning session, as the increased blood flow promotes the production of melanin a lot faster.
Ok so the only time you can say ‘never’! NEVER forget to moisturize it’s the key to making that beautiful golden tan last. Dry skin is flaking skin, and the flaking is coming from all of that hard work you put into that gorgeous golden body. A rich moisturizer will not only soothe the skin after a tanning session, but also restore whatever moisture that escaped throughout the day. This area has got some great options to choose from. Since you’re already moisturizing why not get a lotion that also treats cellulite, tightening skin and helping restore any damage from the past, or one with self tanner in it that gives a very subtle and gradual tint as the days pass. Building your tan and your tan at the same time!
So sun-worshippers go and make the transition from ice age to golden age!

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