Friday, October 05, 2012

where to shop this holiday season?

Where to shop this holiday season? The who; what; why; and not so freaking expensive please.

                So you wanna shop till you drop? Or maybe you don't because you're a broke student and you dread holiday shopping but.. it's that time of year, you know December and Christmas/ Hanukah, for PC's sake don't forget kwanza is approaching! And once you have decided who you are going to be spending those hard earned dollars on, its time hit the streets and answer the even bigger question where to shop? From the bargain savvy student to the American Express black card carrying business man, we can all appreciate one thing, the importance of getting exactly what you are looking for, the perfect present!
Yes, it's the thought that counts, but really there's nothing better than seeing a loved one's face light up when they open a present you've gone out of your way to hand pick for them. Let's be honest, that's when the thought really counts, *hint* *hint*.  And you want them to notice your hard work, so we've got a couple suggestions to keep you from  meandering around malls with terrible Christmas sing-alongs.  You can thank us later ;)
Queen Street West:
The vibe: fun, youthful, hipster, unique, and surprisingly scenic!
The price point: $$ moderately expensive, varies by store
What to expect: A great place to come for funky shoes, and all things clothing. Also some great vintage/second hand stores Tribal Rhythm 248 Queen St West, and Black Market 256 Queen St West.
 Kensington Market:
The vibe: definitely funky, out there, great for vintage and hard to find items, not for the faint of heart!
The price point: $ super inexpensive!
What to expect: two words..hidden treasures! trinkets, antiques, furniture, vintage clothing, rusty spoons (not kidding!), vintage clothing, jarred food items, homemade candy, and jewelry. The biggest appeal about this place is the likelihood to find something extra original for a fraction of the cost. This is the place to find a stunning vintage fur vest for $50, you might just have to dig through a dusty trunk to find it first.
Bloor Street West/ the 'Mink Mile':
The vibe: busy, bustling with shoppers, high end, chic
The price point: $$$ with the exception of about 2 stores, it's all designer all the time!
What to expect: An abundance of beautiful and high end designer goods. Clothing (lots of clothing), shoes, accessories, jewelry, fine china, kitchen wear, household appliances, and electronics. The great thing about Bloor St is that due to the quantity and diversity of stores, it could be your one stop spot to find for everyone on your list! From roommate, to grandma, to boyfriend, Bloor has the best of brand name everything.  Great must sees, for all things culinary Williams - Sonoma 100 Bloor St West, Bay Bloor Radio Manulife centre, and how could we not mention the holy grail, Holt Renfrew 50 Bloor St West.
Hopefully you will find this list helpful, and make the quest to shop for your friends and family this holiday season a little easier!  If not, you know where to go for your own Kwanza wish list.. and we say, if the shoe fits, buy it!

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