Thursday, October 04, 2012

Crown of Glory

Crown of Glory
MANE-taining your most versatile accessory

Hair, everybody has it. Long, medium and short hair all have a common factor, which is the need for tender loving care.  Being knowledgeable in proper care techniques is the difference between splits and glamour.

Lose Some Gain Some
The first step is a traumatizing step; however trimming your hair is something that needs to be done. That is if you want a glorious mane. The ends of your hair are older and more fragile than hair closer to your scalp. If you leave your hair untreated, the ends of your hair will begin to split, and the split will continue up to your scalp. This is a cause of frizz. Once your hair has become dangerously split, you will have no choice but to cut off major lengths to get a healthy look. Therefore, bite the bullet while it is fresh and trim every six to eight weeks.

Light Bright Shine
Washing and conditioning your hair is only half of what it needs to stay soft and look resilient. Hair needs to have its own pampering time, where it receives conditioning treatments. But do not run to the nearest drugstore and grab anything off the shelf and say that’s, that. Opt for a more organic and beneficial route. Coconut oil is the best treatment you can give your hair. Not only does it not have harsh chemicals, it smells good and works. Unlike other oils, coconut oil has the ability to penetrate hair follicles, providing moisture to your hair. An added benefit is that this oil promotes new growth when massaged in the scalp. For best results add coconut to your weekly routine.

Deep Fried
It is almost impossible to go a day without heat styling your hair. If you have straight hair, you want curly hair and if you have curly hair, you want straight hair.  Maybe, you just want to enhance what you have, which commences the everlasting cycle to obtain perfection. Heat can be damaging because it takes out naturally proteins and natural oils from your hair. Therefore, perfection will not be seen if your hair is not being protected during heat sessions. Before you turn on the heat, apply a heat protector to your hair. Protectors come in sprays that can help hold the style and serums that give added shine to your hair.  These products must be used every time you use heat.

Natural Hair is Good Hair
There is nothing that stresses your hair out more than over styling it. Your hair cannot breathe with all the hair products nor relax with the constant straightening and curling. Your natural texture may not be appealing to you, but just like you need to be you, your hair needs to be itself too. Try to have at least one day a week were you wear a style that is natural to your hair. This will give it some time to recover from everything that you throw at it. Also, keep in mind if you opt for an up-do try not to tie your hair too tight. Hair that is tied tightly will pull out from the root, which can eventually cause balding.

Hair is inescapable and important to your image. If you hair does not look good the chances are you do not look good.  Maintain a healthy diet and take the steps that are necessary to make your hair look as alive as you are. 

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