Saturday, October 06, 2012

Nothing But Vintage

Nothing But Vintage

Toronto’s Best Vintage Boutiques, GTA

Something old, something new…Or maybe not so new. Ok so let’s not call it old either. The word is vintage, and it seems to be appearing in some way or form on just about every fashionista in our urban playground of a city. If you didn’t already know, vintage pieces are like wearable antiques. They can be new, used, borrowed and second hand, but have been designed from our previous era.

Now, if your anything like I am, your constantly scanning the outfit choices that make up the streets of Toronto and noticing vintage more and more every season. The only question that has been making me ponder is where, oh where, are they finding these fabulous finds! Well it’s your lucky day because I’m about to share my favorite vintage shops from clothing to accessories to furniture. First stop…

Kensington Market! If you’re not familiar with the Kensington Market area, it’s located just south of College Street and off Augusta Avenue. Kensington offers well pretty much everything you may be looking for. Anything from cool vintage shops to independent business wear to your every day basic attire. Some of my absolutely favorite vintage clothing stores can be found here and for amazing prices!

Next on the list is the incredible Queen West Antique Centre. What makes this store so unique is that they offer an abundance of great furniture. Here you’ll be able to explore the diverse collection of vintage pieces. If you’re in search for anything like ancient anatomical posters or vintage floor lamps, I can guarantee you’ll find it right next to the stylish 60’s couch or the vintage 50’s bureau. If liking great furniture pieces with history behind them then be sure to make a visit to this incredible vintage shop.

Lastly, be surely not least and definitely on my top three favorites list, is a little store called Cabaret. Again located on Queen west, this boutique is strictly dedicated to bringing us the highest vintage fashion in the GTA area. Offering just about everything they can to our urban population, you name it they’ve got it. They go as far as offering vintage fashion tips, movie glamour, daywear, and bridal. Be sure to check out this boutique next time you’re headed down to Queen, surely they’ve got something just for you!

The previous eras are back, vintage’s the word and it may be for some time. Clothing, furniture and accessories it’s everywhere! I’ve shared some of my favorite vintage areas in downtown Toronto, I hope you’ll take my word and be sure to stop in at one of these fabulous shops. 

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