Thursday, October 04, 2012

Don’t Break the Bank! A Helpful Guide to Holiday Parties

With the party season approaching, there’s nothing worse than getting lost in the crowd.

For those of us on a budget, there can be no worse a time of year, than the Holiday Season. Starting as early as mid-November the Holiday invites can start to roll in. Between classes, and gifts for others, there can be little left in the piggy bank for purchasing a new dress. But do not let this discourage you from attending all those fabulous parties on your agenda; there are many resources available to those of us living on a budget.

Your greatest friend during Holiday party season, or any season for that matter, is the little black dress. Investing in a good quality dress will last you longer than that cheap trendy dress you had your eye on in Forever XXI. Just because your buying a black dress does not mean it has to be boring. If your own personal sense of style allows it, look for a dress with that something extra, to really make you stand out in a crowd. Strong shoulders, asymmetrical hemlines, sheer panels, or an interesting cut, are all examples of little extras that help straddle the fine line of classic and trendy. Once you’ve found the perfect little black dress, the challenge in creating it’s versatility lies with the accessories. Jewelry in particular can be your greatest comrade, just ensure that your jewelry does not over power the over all look of the dress. Remember the classic rule “before you leave your house, take off one accessory.” Black not your colour? Try another classic statement dress in white, or red. As long as the dress fits you well, and your adventurous enough with your styling no one will know you’ve been a repeat offender.

Not a dress girl? Invest in a classic pair of black pants. Not only will they serve you well during the Holiday season, but you can also transition them into your every day wardrobe. Black pants, just like the dress are staple items that can make or break a wardrobe. When shopping for your classic pair of black pants think Audrey Hepburn in, well pretty much anything she wore pants in. Audrey is also a great inspiration for that little black dress you were hunting for.  Clean lines and strong tailoring on the perfect pair of pants will not only be able to last you season to season, but it will also stand the test of time, there is little difference between this year and last years black pants.

If your bored of the little black dress, and feel as though you’ve expired all your pant-shirt-jacket combinations, it may be time to hit up your local vintage shop. For a few dollars, and a lot of patience you can easily find a new outfit for under $40. The key when shopping second hand is, just like the little black dress, and those classic black pants: tailoring. When scouring the racks at Value Village, look more for the potential in an item than the actual item itself. Remember, you are shopping out of date items, but if you believe anything about fashion, believe in its cyclical nature. Those palazzo pants might be from the 1980’s but with a slight alteration and dye job, they can become your new statement item.

Above all else, do not let your small piggy bank get your down. The Holidays were never meant to be about spending excess amounts of money, on either gifts or clothes, it is about spending time with the people that you love and who love you despite your adventurous outfits. 

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