Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Front Row

The Front Row
Under the Influence: Of the fashionistas of 2012/13

Anna Wintour: “The Devil Wears Prada”
For anyone who claims their interest in the world of fashion would have heard of the name of the living legend, “Anna Wintour”.  She has been the editor in chief of one of the most prominent fashion magazines of all time, Vogue, since 1988. Wintour is known for her bobbed haircut and a pair of black sunglasses matched with very feminine-floral-style outfits for many years. Some might claim that her style is rather “boring”; however, it is certainly in her amazing talent to have such a distinct style on her own and to never fall behind the trend.

Miroslava Duma: “The Russian It-Girl”
Miroslava Duma has been a familiar face to us even before she started to go freelance, from many fashion blogs on in the Internet such as The Sartorialist. She was an editor for Harper’s Bazaar Russia and is now a freelance writer for many fashion publications. She is not tall at all and has rather a petite figure unlike many of the model-like fashion editors who are tall and skinny. She mixes such hot and edgy high fashion items in her own style that fits her frame. Which ultimately makes her stand out in the Fashion world where it’s filled with tall and lengthy skinny women.

Aimee Song: “Girly-meets-grunge”
This fashionista from the lala-land, Aimee Song (pronounced Aw-Mee), has a fashion blog and an instagram account followed by millions of fans around the world. Known for her “hobo-chic” style, she adds a little more touch to what could have been a typical California girl style by playing with a Prada or Chanel and a pair of worn out jeans in one outfit. She is also known for her hair colour that has been the ultimate must-do hairstyle this year, the ombre hair. Go check out her style at

Olivia Palermo: “The Gossip Girl”
Known as the real life Blair from the TV series “The Gossip Girl”, Olivia Palermo’s style shows what a real upper-east-side rich girl dresses like. This “rich-girl” from Upper East Side of New York quickly gained her fame when she became one of the cast members of a spin-off of MTV’s television show “The City”. Unlike her extravagant, glamorous, and fancy style at the Fashion shows and events, her everyday-outfits, which I adore, are casual but yet very chic. This fashionable New Yorker turns around what could have been a rather dull outfit like a cashmere sweater with a pair of flats into something more stylish and chic.  Let’s not forget her signature red manicure that adds a touch to her style either!

Kate Middleton: “Royal Highness”
The Duchess of Cambridge has become a wannabe and a role model for millions of women across the universe ever since her and Prince William’s Fairytale-like wedding last year. What she wore during the Royal couple’s visit to Canada was a hot topic in the Internet fashion community. Her looks are not as edgy as the other fashionistas mentioned in this article, but she pulls any outfits with her own sophisticated style and makes it look classy and stylish. She is also known to be a strong supporter of the British Fashion community; wore a wedding dress from Alexander McQueen and seen to be wearing outfits made by British designers in various public events. Very looking forward to see the “royal-preggo style” in hopefully the near future!

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