Friday, October 05, 2012

The Sophisticated Geek: A prescription to personalize your style

The Sophisticated Geek
A prescription to personalize your style 
There was time when being a geek wasn’t so chic; somehow this theory has changed and the look is coveted by many.  But let’s not get carried away!  Some of us are proud to be eyeglass wearers; it’s not only our visual lifeline, it’s also an accessory that completes our everyday look.  Others not like it so much; either way, choosing the right style is essential.  Here are some tips to get you started in your quest to be an eye wear trendsetter.  Because, as they say, “just because it’s in fashion, doesn’t mean it’s for you.” 
The eyeglass frame of your choice should complement your face shape.  Ensure the fit is right and works for you.
There are five basic face shapes: square, round, heart, oblong and oval.
Square faces – An angular face with a strong jaw line and a square chin. TRY: Oval and round frames and avoid geometric and square frames, as they tend to accentuate the angles of the face.  Famous Face: Keira Knightley
Round faces – The key is to make the face appear longer.  TRY: narrow frames with angular edges or rectangular shapes.  Famous Face: Michelle Williams.
Heart faces –Your face is a bit broader with a sharp chin. TRY: butterfly shaped frames with airy, thin rims or rimless frames, which tend to be a bit wider towards the bottom.  Famous Face: Rihanna.
Oblong faces – The key is to create a softer look, as your face appears to be longer than it is wide.  TRY: Embellished subtle frames, which will help create some width.  Avoid frames that are too square as they will add width to your chin. Famous Face: Sarah Jessica Parker
Oval faces – You are the envy of all your friends.  With a face that is well proportioned, your options are endless. TRY: Walnut shaped frames, but avoid frames that are too narrow or too round.  Famous Face: Halle Berry
Try to choose a frame that reflects your personality and lifestyle.  This is your opportunity to create your own signature style but look chic. Don’t be afraid of color; eye frames have come a long way and you now have a variety of options.   So if those hot pink frames are what you like? Go for it! Does this seem less difficult than you thought?  With these quick tips you’ll soon be defining your own personal eyes style.

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