Friday, March 11, 2016

This is a Women`s world. The power of women entrepreneurship.

As the time goes by very fast and the graduation is at the door, students start to make their plans about further pathway in career. Thankfully, these days women can have everything on their plates: to be a mother, wife and a successful businessperson at the same time. This article is about experiences and advices for women  how to start your own business and where to get inspiration for it.
From the local view, there is one very motivational story about two women that started their business and opened a fashion store together even without knowing each other’s last names. The store name comes from the location : The Store on Queen. It is located downtown Toronto in a fashion blooming location. The store owners are proud of their story and empower others by their successful experience, as well as promote women designers from North America.
Another example of prosperous businesswoman is a founder and chief of Nasty Gal company, Sophia Amoruso. She started her own business when she was young and became one of the most influential women along with a role model status for many young entrepreneurs. She published a book called Girl Boss to navigate females through the stages of business path. After some time, the book turned into the foundation with its own movement to support women around the world at their starting points of becoming successful.
Last year, the “Intern” movie was released with Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro in main roles. This movie shows what is happening after an online fashion website was founded and is being run by a young entrepreneur. It gives an idea that the hardest part is not about starting your own business, but about managing it after and keeping further growth perspective.
Fortunately, there is an endless amount of useful internet resources for young women that want to be their own boss. One of the most trendy websites fulfilled with career advices for young females is This website has immaculate database of tips, advices, inspirational guides that every female needs on the start of her business path.  As well, is not forgetting for other aspects of life like fashion, lifestyle and beauty.
Facebook groups are also great for getting support at any stage of your business life, connections and sharing ideas with others. There is a group of female business owners called Savvy Business Owners, where members are sharing their tips, chatting and learning with each other and call themselves as ladypreneurs. Another one group called Female  Entrepreneurs Collaborate is full of support, inspiration and knowledge to share from it`s 9000 members. The Creative`sCorner  is a community focused group and an amazing place for everything about empowering, engaging and creativity.
Along from the internet, books are still a great source of knowledge for young business starters too. For example, the Stop Chasing Influencers book, written by Kimanzi Constable & Jared Easley, is an amazing piece for making your own business dream to come true. It explains and guides you through the activities necessary for set up and continuous growing of your business. This book is available in paperback and kindle versions on Amazon.
Another one book called Hack the Entrepreneur by Jon Nastor is a must have fulfilled by ideas and tips for starters. The author of this book can be that mentor that you were looking for but never had. This book contains mini courses of self-confidence, strategic and tactical thinking, creativity brainstorming and much more that makes it investment worth. This book is available in paperback and kindle versions on Amazon.

Luckily, nowadays women power in a business world is stronger that have never been before. Women around the world have a choice to start their own businesses and nobody can stop them anymore. There are endless sources to get the information, financial support from foundations and a good advice at any moment of the own business pathway if needed. This is a women`s entrepreneurship world now too. This is what it calls a game changing.

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