Friday, March 11, 2016

Cookie Cutter Bloggers

Isn’t everyone tired with looking at cookie cutter style from these fashion bloggers on social media? Do you notice some of the styles have such close resemblance that you can’t even recognize who is who? Sadly, this is the case and it’s very boring and bland. Nothing in their style makes it interesting when it is supposed to be exciting, questionable, and fun to look at.

There is one problem from a random viewer’s perspective like myself and maybe you as well.  Did you know some of these famous fashion bloggers are sponsored by a great number of brands with different styles?

These trendy fashion bloggers are wearing sponsored products no matter whether they like their style or not.  Brand sponsorship money can be lucrative and enticing.  Some fashion bloggers would quit their normal jobs or schooling to pursue on marketing themselves even further to build their portfolio.

A majority of fashion bloggers, I am certain that they do have fashion sense, understanding, and knowledge in fashion based on their own-curated taste, which is a pleasure to see for normal people. I mean that’s how they became famous, right? But after they gain more popularity and when being reached by these sponsors, it’s not easy for them to refuse free products and the money, even though the fashion brand’s images, styles don’t go along well with their own unique style. That’s how the fashion bloggers’ world works these days; you get paid to wear clothes.

With social media, they became more famous all over the world and they are considered as celebrities in the fashion circles.

There is one fashion blogger that I absolutely enjoy looking at her style, written articles and learning so much about fashion from.  It’s Leandra Medine who is a founder of the website “The Man Repeller”.  She’s also a writer, a fashion blogger and a considered a game changer in fashion industry. Her blog has become an inspiring fashion website that post a lot of content to read, see and even a podcast that’s fashion- related. I particularly like that she has a good sense of humor and quirkiness about fashion that is always treated so seriously.

Leandra Medine definitely has her own style that is very unique and distinctive. I would say she is such a genius at mix-match. Her outfits are never boring but fun and stylish at the same time. She has different ways of putting things together and they always turn out very nicely. What I like about her is that she doesn’t just feature the products or items from sponsors meaninglessly; she is the woman who speaks up her voice and tells the public her honest and critical opinions on fashion trends.

According to the interview with Marie Claire, September 10. 2015. She claimed that she wants to connect with her readers through fashion. “I think fundamentally Man Repeller is a voice for women to connect with; they can come and try it on for size and be a part of it, and if it works for them, they take it with them. Of course the site is going to be bigger than I am, that's realistic if we're talking about Man Repeller as an attitude and not just the pastime of a single person. A really good piece of advice that I got from a friend was, don't cater your instinct to the people around you.”

She also gave an advice to fashion newbies who try to incorporate bolder pieces into their wardrobe "That comes down to confidence, which is also about honesty. So don't integrate anything into your wardrobe that's going to make you feel hugely uncomfortable when you leave home. Get the comfort thing down first–baby steps. If you love a huge shoulder-padded jacket, but you know you can't leave home without it because it's just going to make you feel uncomfortable, try putting tissues inside one of your shirts first. Ease yourself into the pool." This pretty much sums up what she thinks about fashion. She always tells you shouldn’t think about what others feel about how you dress, but be your authentic self.

This is why Leandra has been honored in Fast Company's "100 Most Creative People in Business" and Business Insider's "Most Inspiring Innovators and Entrepreneurs Under 40," and twice named to Forbes' "30 under 30."

As a fashion student, she is the best example and the most inspirational person in fashion industry and I attain so much information from The Man Repeller website. I strongly recommend to all fashion students to read her site at lease once a week.  Her website contains so much information that is helpful, informative but fun as well. Every time when I read about her article and gives me the feeling how this person loves what she does and that could be the best feeling in one’s life. 

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