Friday, March 11, 2016

Blue Jays : A real nice feather in Toronto’s cap

With the baseball season in full swing. The level of excitement is going to increase with every passing day all the more because of their amazing performance last year. Well we all remember the post season!! With Jays entering the post season after 22 long years everyone from fans to the players were going crazy with happiness. They for sure were the game changers last season and let’s hope they continue to do so this time as well. This is 40th season which makes it all the more special.
Winning and losing are a part and parcel of the game but the performance pressure is a thing of concern so the blue jays have a extraordinary team of players who make all round effort to give a phenomenal performance each time with David Price and Tulowitzki joining jays towards very end last season made a significant contribution, it is sad we don’t get to see Price this season. Efforts on part of team and the management are very essential. Looking at a micro level, Mandeep Brar an employee of Toronto Blue Jays says “ I have to stay in my office until the game finishes” , on talking to employees at their store I felt the last season was full of surprises where at one point there were hardly any people in store and then suddenly the store was catering to hundreds of enthusiastic fans everyday which according to Mandeep who happens to work very closely merchandise department said that “ 3000 to 4000 jerseys were being manufactured each week as the customer request for jerseys was surging” .
Blue jays have a huge fan following in Toronto and a traditional blue jays hat is a must have piece and as said by an enthusiastic fan “every single person in Toronto deserves a Blue Jays hat “ , which surprisingly is true as you get too see them everywhere be it subway, movie hall or shopping malls as everyone loves jays hat, which inspires them to make new collection each season for instance the famous pitcher Marcus Stroman created his own line of hats which turned out be very popular.
Blue jays is proud owner of two official team stores and they are very centrally located with one being inside the Rogers center and the other one in the heart of TO Downtown, Eaton Center. Both the store had a very busy season last year and their sales exceeded way beyond their annual target. Popular brands like Pandora, roots, Columbia are proud manufacturers of Jays merchandise, with roots being in the top league as their limited edition Jays Leather Jacket sold like hot cakes this winter. Pandora continues to make the super famous wooden, dangling and the baseball charm with the signature jays bird, they are trendy and expensive at the same time. Alex woo also makes pendants for Jays. On visiting the Jays shop located at Level one of Eaton Center I was taken by surprise as they carry a wide range of product from womenswear to pet gear. Don’t be surprised if I tell you they carry a very brief collection of swimwear, well a Jays bikini this summer is great idea for all you beach lovers. If this season you want to flaunt super cool jersey with your own name, check out the super cool customization option provided at the Jays shop where they heat seal the name and number on you jersey  for $60 in their store .
Moreover all the jays fan be ready to shell more money this season as the prices of tickets have increased substantially and “there is dynamic pricing system this season” says Mandeep. So be ready to spend those extra dollar for tickets.
Jays are the only Canada based baseball team in the American League which makes them all the more popular here. “We are expecting a huge gathering this time “says Mandeep Brar an employee of Toronto Blue Jays. He believes it is going to get crazy from the beginning this season, “our stores were crazy busy last season especially when jays made it to post season “he says. “ jerseys have always been the most sought after merchandise every season “ Mandeep adds. They have different types of jerseys authentic and replica priced at $230 and $130 respectively. Moreover they introduced new types of jersey with the  40th season badge on sleeve this season. So don’t forget to check their latest collection.
Blue Jays heart throb and MVP (Most Valued Player) Josh Donaldson continues to inspire the youth to try different hair styles be it the Dutch braid , fish tail , cornrow or  the classic French braid so does Jose Bautista who again inspires the youth to a large extent. So let you hair stylist know well in advance, they are back in action!!

In the end all I want to say we all want them to clinch the world series title and yes Welcome to the 40th season TO Blue Jays. 

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