Friday, March 11, 2016

Dainty Girl: an Online ‘Game Changer’

            As more and more blogs invade the Internet, there has always been one that has stood out to me the most. Maybe it’s because I got to actually meet my favourite Canadian blogger in person a couple of years ago. Because of this wide array of blogs, it’s hard to make your blog standout, but when it comes to Canadian talent, it becomes a lot easier to fall in love and relate to them. To be a ‘game changer’ in this society means to inspire others in a way no one else can, and that’s what Dainty Girl does, in my opinion anyways. My intention while interviewing her was to answer my question of how to become a successful ‘game changer’ in the Canadian Fashion Industry.
Nicole Wilson is a Toronto-based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger, and created Dainty Girl in 2012, as one of her new year’s resolutions. When interviewing her, I realized that people really do underestimate social media careers (because I did), and don’t think much can come from it; but their impact is real and is tangible. A lot of people start blogging as a hobby, and start to develop a passion for reviewing everything from a new makeup brush, a skincare product, to a local music band. One of the things I admire most about Nicole is that she’s all about supporting local designers and brands, to bring awareness of the huge amount of amazing Canadian talent there is.
I decided to interview one of Toronto’s most prestigious Fashion bloggers, and the reason why was because I really wanted to know what it takes to become a fashion blogger, what kind of work load do they have, if they can have another job while writing blog posts, but more importantly, how would they define ‘game changers’ and how does one become one?
Nicole Wilson has been writing on her blog for over 4 years, and continues to improve and grow each day with new and inviting opportunities. She started writing as a New Years resolution, and decided to write for friends and family, never thinking she would reach so many people. Not only this, but she never expected to get sponsors, or brands to give her products for her to review on her blog. Consistency and networking skills are vital when it comes to blogging and becoming a ‘game changer’, says Wilson. She also says that to post blog posts on the same day or days every week is crucial, since it ensures your readers will come back that day and read your new blog post.
Nicole also said that in order to be a successful ‘game changer’ (in any area, really) is to always educate yourself before you post or say anything. There’s a lot of help available online that will ensure you are prepared and up to date in terms of trends and whatnot. Not only is it important to be educated on trends and brands, but also on your competition. What are they doing that you aren’t? Is it working for them? Would it work for you? Wilson says that this is one of her strengths, and it has helped immensely in becoming a successful ‘game changer’. She’s very close friends with her ‘competition’ (fellow bloggers) and they’re constantly sharing tips and tricks, which has helped her come out on top.
Dainty Girl has always felt strongly about local talent, and trying to recognize as many as she can in her blog posts, since she feels this will benefit her at the end of the day, and will help her gain more and more Canadian followers. Most people follow American or European bloggers, since they’re more ‘sophisticated’, but it’s more important to support your own country’s talent, since it will be more relatable to you and will ensure you are getting accurate and more up to date trends/products. She also said that the fact that she can work from home, in her comfy pajamas, really works as a major incentive to create amazing material for her readers, since she’s completely relaxed and in peace while writing her blog posts.
She has collaborated with Hudson’s Bay, Forever 21, John Frieda, Master Card, Ann Taylor, Toronto Eaton Centre, Holt Renfrew, Vince Camuto, etc. She has a wide variety of sponsors and contributors which has built her quite the impressive resume that will continue to invite more and more readers.
            Even though being a Fashion blogger isn’t my all time dream, or my ultimate goal, after interviewing Nicole I feel very intrigued and curious about it. It’s something that I can really enjoy, and get more and more familiarized with the fashion industry. It can begin as a hobby, and then you never know how big it may grow, or what people I might meet in the journey. She also inspired me to be my own ‘game changer’ and to pursue my dreams, since they will always be different than other people’s and will encourage me to channel my true self. Like everything in life, if you have passion, you have EVERYTHING!  

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