Thursday, October 06, 2011



Winters here and for most of us, it takes a toll on our precious mane of hair. Here are a few tips to tame your tousles, and make them look great over the holidays.

It’s time to zipper up those parkas, and slip on those mittens! Winter has arrived and is back colder than ever. With decreasing temperatures, the harsh winter cold is hairs number one enemy. From dry brittle ends to full on frizz - We went to the experts on what we can do to keep our hair smooth and frizz free.

Expert stylists say to avoid winter hair problems there is one basic step you can do and that’s moisturizing conditioner. Many of our hair problems stem from it being too dry and brittle, so with a little extra conditioner in the mix it will help kickstart your way to smoother, healthier hair. What kind should you use? For women with thicker, coarse hair go for a deep conditioner thats thick. “Leave it on for a half hour twice a week. Since thick hair seems to hold oil at the roots, it can make your hair seem extra dry. Be careful not to condition too close to the scalp.”, Chavez, who created Perfect Plus hair care products says. For hair thats very fine and thin, its not recommended that you use a deep conditioner for it will make your hair seem oily, and have a wet-like appearance. Instead, use basic conditioner after you shampoo your hair in the shower. Follow it with a light conditioning leave in spray to keep it moisturized throughout the day; Keyword: light. With fine hair you have to be careful with product, it can drown your roots making your hair look like you haven’t showered in days! Ew!

No matter what your hair type is, mostly everyone on this planet gets frizzy hair at some point, and oh how we love to have to put up with it more during the holidays. To decrease your frizz full hair follow these three simple steps and be free of worry.
1. Try to towel dry your hair as best as possible before blowdrying
2. Use a heat protector before styling
3. Don’t wash your hair daily. It will get rid of the natural oils causing your hair to become dry, and yes frizzy.

With all these tips under your belt, its now time to style that hair of yours and get yourself seen! A few things to reconsider when styling your hair is your products. Do you use the same product during the summer months as you do for winter? So on and so forth? If so, its time to hit the mall. A few simple switches will give you the boost your hair needs to tackle that winter weather. For one, switching from your styling gel, to a styling cream will add more moisture and elasticity to your hair and decrease the chances of your hair breaking. Opting out of sprays and perfumes with a high alcohol content (alcohol dries the hair) will help your hair stay moisturized instead of your tresses getting dry and brittle. The one most important thing you can do when styling your hair is to cut back on the blow dryer! (Surprised?) It also goes for year round - cutting back on your blow dryer is the smartest thing you can do. Less heat, less mess! So wet, wash and style with these tips and you’ll have the happiest of all holidays!

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