Friday, October 07, 2011

Mix and Match

New ways to colour your life and satisfy your wardrobe with all the latest wants, needs and desires.

Be Jeweled – It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 Gold!

Gold has reign the top choice for many avid jewelry connoisseurs, but beware folks, rose gold has entered the competition. Now more accessory lovers can happily adorn their bodies in favourite precious metal. For the classic type, sporting a monochromatic scheme is safe and sultry. A delicate necklace tied in with small studded earrings and a plain band on one finger, all in the same gold. While fashionistas boldly mix yellow and white gold, layering different lengths/sizes of textured necklaces, ornate dangly or hefty earrings, and let’s not forget a statement ring or two! Such combos are a never–fail and always on point trend. Now enters the newly sophisticated and unexpected rose gold; for those who dare to be different, this blush-coloured metal rises on the popularity list. Because of its unique tone, it is best to use rose gold as an accent piece or let it stand on its own .Whether deciding to choose to mix all lustrous colours, harmonize two or simply dress one at a time, makes us all winners.

Denim to Dye For

Jeans are an easy way to experiment with colour blocking, a huge trend for spring. Match a bold pair with a solid top in a complementary hue: yellow with purple or peach with bright blue. You can also go the classic route and partner any of these jellybean inspired jeans with a crisp white dress shirt.

Floral and Leopard and Stripes Oh My!

Remember the days when choosing one pattern packed much of a statement? Bold just got bolder with these standout combinations, a sure way to never get lost in the crowd. Pretty pastels or intense bright florals, sleek palettes of black, red, blue and white stripes and loud leopard prints can easily translate to savvy chic. The easiest way to showcase the looks are by choosing two patterns at once and pairing with a neutral (shoes, bags or trousers). But for those who live by “two is swell, three is better”- indulge yourself in all riveting contrasts. Done correctly and with the right proportions, anyone who wants attention should take note; try a black/white nautical striped tee tucked in a floral formfitting pencil skirt with leopard peep-toe stacked wedges. For a subtle approach, a black lacy floral top with boyfriend jeans, a satin multi coloured ballet flat and a leopard clutch will do the trick. Get excited and combine things your own way!

You Got Nailed

Those subtle nudes are nice and all, but these days dark to bright choices and the wild-pattern craze are all the rage. Short nails adorned in glossy jet black polish are far from gothic. Deemed cool and glamorous, black has become and continues to be the go-to colour for all ages and wearers. More importantly, it is often chosen for formal occasions to either offset the attire or provide impact for subdued looks. Classic reds are by far the most flattering ranging from candy apple, scarlet, burgundy to blackberry. Red has become the leading staple for every nail addict out there and remains the most coveted. Nowadays, more and more are gravitating towards the neon fuschias, hi-liter yellows, seafoam greens and cobalt blues. And finally lace, zebra, leopard and high voltage metallics are definite eye catchers. Paint each nail a different colour or try a bright striped French manicure…polka dots anyone? For endless possibilities and those on a budget, these flattering and impressive choices are affordable, providing an instant update to any wardrobe.

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