Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Eye-conic Lashes

How to have the sultry, va-va-volume, eye-popping lashes of the classic style icons before us.
All the glitz and ultra glam eyelashes without the hassle of falsies.

When you walk into your local drugstore or makeup specialty stores- women are always drawn to something that will make their eyes dazzle, and what’s more alluring than sensational lashes. This is why many have wondered “which mascara is best for my buck?” But not just any mascara, one that will fulfill the categories of LENGTHENING, VOLUME, DEFINITION, and CURLING.

So, here’s the top 6 mascaras; for the frivols spenders and the money saving gals.

1) Dior’s “Diorshow” Mascara (around $25)
2) LancĂ´me’s “Hypnose” Mascara (around $23)
3) Maybelline’s “Lash Stiletto” Mascara (around $10)
4) Maybelline’s “Volum’ Express the Colossal” Mascara (around $10)
5) Covergirl’s “Lashblast Fusion” Mascara (around $9)
6) Revlon “Grow Luscious” Mascara (around $9)

The first time I ever tried this mascara was without so much as an eyelash curler, and yet this tube of wonder worked its magic on my short, straight lashes. Although the cost will definitely put a dent in your wallet- it’s well worth its weight in gold! Lots of volume, lengthy AND curled up lashes. Including no smudging, next to no clumps and definitely DRAMATIC! The only downside, takes a bit to dry and you can’t get the bottom lashes. All in all, the ultimate Marilyn Monroe lashes, sans the falsies.

This mascara delivers greatly in the LENGTHENING department, also contributes to the curling- however it is always recommend to use an eyelash curler before applying any mascara to help enhance the shape to your lashes. Yet another mascara that is costly, but this will definitely keep you coming back for more. Has a glistening appearance; however it clumps- so just one or two coats will be more than enough.

Lash Stiletto
Given the name STILETTO for a reason; lengthens, defines and separates the lashes; making it easy to achieve the infamous bottom lashes of Twiggy. Lash Stiletto leaves a silk-like look to the lashes and doesn’t clump. Only costing around $10, the only complaint on this one is it’s difficult to remove.

Volum’ Express the Colossal
Delivers dramatic result in as little as ONE application; the Colossal mascara gives a great thick “false lash” effect. Alongside with elongated the eyelashes, with minimal clumps, and keeps the curl of lashes all day. Overall really seems to give your eye that extra POP! For around $10 a tube, it is a wonder it doesn’t cost more.

Lashblast Fusion
Covergirl has made an entire line of the Lashblast mascaras, all of them having one thing in common BEAUTIFUL THICK LASHES but from all of them, Lashblast Fusion stood out the most with its extra “oomph” of lengthening. It defines every single eyelash and makes them look as if you’ve always had Audrey Hepburn-esque lashes. Quite inexpensive at $9, usually needs 2 coats to achieve its full claims.

Grow Luscious
This Revlon mascara is said to actually increase the growth of your lashes in 2 weeks, and from what I can tell- it does, but it is something you will have to keep up with. Gives loads of volume with no clumps, however does not curl the lashes. Definitely gives you more of a natural full eyelash look. The brush is a little thick which makes it slightly hard to manoeuvre on the bottom lashes.

Now that you have the perfect tools to pick from, go forth, make those eyes sparkle and create the “eye-conic” lash look!

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