Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Create a chic style without the sophisticated price.

Everyone wants to be that eye candy, or best dressed in a room, however not everyone has a budget that will allow that. Today, there are many brand names and designers, but with all the fast fashion stores that we have readily available to us, it is easy to create a mock couture outfit without paying the price of couture.

Here are five easy steps to look great while still staying on a budget.

Step one, keep your mind set on your budget and only shop at places that have the most up-to-date fashion at the most affordable prices. Retailers that fall into this category are H&M, Zara, and the brand new to Canada TOPMAN TOPSHOP. Shopping at these fast fashion retailers will keep you up-to-date with your fashion sense while staying within your budget.

Step two, follow up with fashion magazines, and make sure you know the current trends and what kind of style you want to sport “Whether it be a trendy hipster from Queen Street or a designer diva from Bloor Street”.

Step three, if you want to be an authentic and an original shopper I suggest doing a little “vintage” shopping. Head to places such as Value Village, Haute Classics and Fashionably Yours to find deals and pieces at more affordable prices.

The fourth step, knowing your fabrics and materials is a huge help in looking chic while keeping your budget in mind. Instead of purchasing real suede you can settle for micro suede which is a cheaper alternative to the suede look. Respectively, instead of spending upwards of $500.00 on a genuine leather jacket, H&M and TOPMAN TOPSHOP provide similar alternatives for a cost that will not break the bank.

Step five to staying in fashion without costing you a fortune; remember to have your own fashion sense. It is important to stay on trend with styles and fashions because they are constantly changing, but always remember to have your own creative mind. Creating a eye-catching piece does not always mean imitating what is put together in a magazine; it comes from creating an image in your mind and bringing it to your everyday life.

After following those five steps of shopping on a budget, you should find yourself looking fashion savvy and having a little more money than you expect left in the bank.

Overwhelming styles and an abundance of in-store merchandise and prices can be overwhelming for most people. Fortunately, fast fashion stores have opened their doors world wide to help people shop with ease. Although the amount of merchandise and styles these fast fashion stores offer can be excessive, it is all made to your advantage. The main fast fashion retailers, such as H&M, Zara, and TOPMAN TOPSHOP, carry many styles for the current fashion buyer, along with the basics for the not-so-fashion savvy customer. These stores gear their merchandise and styles to people aged between 18 and 28. They also have basic collections for the more mature, and “black” and “grey” labels for the more high-end fashion customer who is willing to spend more than the average consumer. Keep in mind that being trendy does not have to cost you your inheritance.

With the five steps given above you should be off to a great new start for the Fall/Winter 2012 season and even have some money left in that Prada wallet of yours. Happy Shopping!

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