Friday, October 07, 2011

Animalistic Instincts

Wild Child:

No need to rush to the salon to get the hottest nails this season, now you can do them yourself in the comfort of your own home! Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects nail strips in ‘Wild Child’ are zebra print and absolutely to-die-for. The package comes with a variety of strips in different shapes and sizes. To apply, start by removing the white piece of plastic from the back of the strip, to expose the adhesive. You then position the strip on your nail, lining it up with your cuticle, and then press down starting in the center and working towards the sides to make it stick. Once that is done you can remove the top layer of plastic from the strip and simply bend the strip at the tip of the nail so that any excess will rip off. The strips are made so that they are easy to tear and can be shaped perfectly to fit your nail. Repeat these steps for the rest of your nails and then, using the nail file provided, file down any leftovers that you don’t want, and ta-da, you’re all finished! No topcoat needed! The nail strips can last up to 10 days.

Venomous Veneta’s:

Snakeskin boots have been all the rage this season, and Bottega Veneta's cowboy-style ones are no exception. These round-toe, platform boots come in black, making them easy to pair with any outfit. For a casual outfit you could pair these boots with dark wash skinny jeans, and a button up blouse in a bold colour, such as red. For a night out you could wear these boots with a sharp dress that cuts just above or below the knee.

Quick Fix:

There is no better way to turn up the heat than with a cheetah print scarf. They can be worn with almost any outfit to add a little something extra. If paired with a blazer and jeans, a cheetah print scarf could be worn all day long, whether you’re inside or out. Just wrap it around your neck once or twice and you will stay warm and stylish all day. Louis Vuitton came out with a cheetah print scarf that really caught my eye. One of my favourite ways to make use of this beautiful accessory is by wearing it with a pair of high-waisted black pants, a neutral or light coloured tank, a jean or leather jacket, and some killer pumps. Heck, you could even add some cheetah print heels to the outfit to bring everything together.

Latch Onto This:

What better way to accessorize your outfit than with an alligator clutch? Alligator products do come at a steep price, but in the end they are worth it. Burberry has an alligator clutch that is my personal favourite. Not only is it visually appealing, but also it has four separate compartments in it, perfect for all of your personal belongings. An alligator skin clutch can be used with pretty much any outfit. Since it is so chic and professional, my advice would be to pair it with a blazer and high-waisted skirt. Pick a blazer in a nice colour such as forest green or plum. Nothing too bright and bold as you don’t want the clutch to go unnoticed. As for shoes a pair of neutral or black heels will do just fine.

Fashionable Feline:

No wardrobe is complete without an assortment of pretty belts. Since animal prints are all of the rage right now you can buy a belt in almost any animal print you can imagine. In order to keep things interesting, it’s good to own a leopard print one, as it stands out. A great thing about belts is that they can be worn in a couple of different ways, whether it’s around your waist, hips, or somewhere in between. The sky is the limit! One of the best ways to wear a leopard print belt is with a pair of low-rise jeans in your choice of wash, a sheer, button-up, white blouse, and knee-high dark brown boots. Add some gold jewelry and your outfit is complete. Michael Kors has an amazing leopard print belt.

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