Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Nude Issue

Eco-friendly/ organic powders, John Rocha’s skin exposing line, and “taking it off”- the best nude resorts to travel to, are the sizzling hot topics to get you out of that frosty, frozen winter slump.

A "new" makeup discovery that's been around for 30 years is taking the cosmetics, fashion and film industries by storm. Mineral makeup by “Herbs of Grace” is the latest addition to an emerging beauty culture dedicated to better living. This eco-friendly, and “face-friendly,” makeup is all organic. Herbs of Grace has no cheap fillers like talc, which is known for its health risks. The powder is cruelty free, oil-free, helps irritation and redness, and they never use synthetic fragrances, dyes or preservatives. It can be used as a concealer, foundation, powder, and sunscreen all in one. It doesn’t enhance wrinkles like traditional powders would normally do.

If you have fine lines or crow's-feet, traditional makeup can cake in those places, usually creating an illusion of deeper, more noticeable lines. Minerals create real health and a glow through essential vitamins, antioxidants and ingredients that actually hydrate the skin and conceal wrinkles. Not to mention the powder is a bargain, selling for $18.50, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and jump on the organic beauty bandwagon.

Feel like channelling your inner ballerina? John Rocha- Spring / Summer 2011 collection was one of New York Fashion’s Week most desirable shows. Inspired by the peaceful landscapes and tranquility of his annual fishing trips, his pieces showed bone corsetry, cloud-like pouf skirts together, mostly portraying black and parchment-toned silk tulle. Skin exposure was definitely one of the themes Rocha decided to take on in his collection, with using sheer material that was skin exposing, and ultra see through mesh. The leggings were over exposed by revealing the waistband and thighs, and also not being hidden under tunics or mini dresses. His underwear concept echoed in boned bodices, and strapless rompers, draped with silk chiffon, or visible under chiffon, fishtail gowns. The clothes were accessorised with lace-up, wrap-around boots and sandals, cocoon-shape backpacks, and gigantic tulle hats.

Naturism definition states that it involves the practice of complete nudity in a communal setting. It promotes wholesomeness and stability of the human body, mind, and spirit, especially through contact o the body with the natural elements. Nudist groups are taking over the world one clothing piece at a time, and right now vacationing resorts are noticing and taking action.

Thinking about what to do on your reading week in this freezing cold winter weather? Clothing optional and nudist resorts are here to save the day. For some travelers, taking off for the Caribbean means an opportunity to "take it all off," There's just something about the warmth and free spirit of the Caribbean, not to mention the hot sun that lets you do some "au naturel" sunbathing. For many, that's as far as it goes, but the Caribbean also has a number of resorts that allow guests to go in the buff all day long, from the breakfast buffet to afternoon pool volleyball to evening encounters in the hot tub. The Hedonism resorts are known for their toga parties. Nude weddings, and even hanging out at the swim-up nude bar are just several activities to consider. The Hedonism resorts also sell day and night passes to non-guests. Second up is the Couples tower Isle in Jamaica. Formerly known as the Couples San Souci, this all-inclusive resort was recently renamed for the private island that made it famous. A private ferry takes couples out to Tower Island, which is a fully nude hideaway that provides some welcome space between nudists and the tourist who otherwise might come to sneak-a-peak. However, you should note that Tower Island is not "clothing-optional" -- if you come out here, you must have all clothing off, no need to be shy!

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