Thursday, October 07, 2010

Out with the Old, In with the Nude

Out with the Old, In with the Nude

Remember when it was all about style before comfort? We can put that in the past. This season is all about style and comfort. Here are a few helpful hints on how to not only look good, but most importantly feel great!

Good Jeans

Love denim? Well, look no further! Nudie Jeans have exactly what your looking for, a great design and lot’s of attitude. Nudie Jeans offer a proper fit guide to ensure you get the proper jeans for your shape!

What’s so great about these jeans you may ask? Nudie Jeans offer a wide range of denim from Most Popular to Thin Finn for all shapes and sizes.

The Term Nudie comes from the feel of the denim over time. This brand is referred as a lifestyle denim and become a part of you, as if you are wearing nothing at all.

Dry Selvage and Selvage Lab are the choices among washes. Dry Selvage is a special process made with the finest denim from Italy, Japan and Turkey with blends of hemp and cashmere to give that Nudie feel.

Salvage Lab is vintage inspired. It is made with the same materials but then washed by a team of denim professionals to give that old distressed look.

This denim is perfect for everyday wear or dressing up and is great for both men and women. If your looking for a denim that will last and give you that Nudie feel, shop Toronto stores such as Due West, Harry Rosen and Holt Renfrew or visit their website

Men Bare it All

Bruce Turner – Spokesperson, Model, Advisor and of Host, Style by Jury recently launched a new underwear line for men, Naked. Its was first pitched the on the hit television show Dragon’s Den and was sadly rejected. With hard work and patience a year later the line finally launched and is now carried in popular high end stores in Toronto such as Holt Renfrew, Top Drawers, Boys Co. and Gotstyle.

The briefs are made from Italian microfiber and are seamless which gives ultimate comfort thus giving the naked feel.

The company behind the briefs are big supporters of charities such as Vancouver Fire Fighters’ Charitable Society, supporting the Burn Fund and Pacific Development Pathways which supports people with developmental disability.

Men can look great and make a difference!

Macadamia Nut!

If you want a product to keep you smooth, moisturized, and smelling great try Barefoot Venus Extra Rich Body Cream. It’s made in BC Canada, is enriched with Macadamia Nut Oil and has various scents to choose from such as Ginger Snap which smells absolutely divine.

Wait! Don’t stop there, Barefoot Venus has many other products to choose from such as such as bubble bath, baby oil, foot scrubs, lip balms and much more to make you feel good from head to toe!

What makes Barefoot Venus stand out from the rest is it’s packaging and labels as they are fun and flirty which makes this a great gift idea.

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