Thursday, October 07, 2010

Confessions of a Scent Connoisseur

“Confessions of a Scent Connoisseur”
Tips to choosing the right scent!

Strip away all clothing and garment and what do you get? – A scent. Whether it is the natural scent of the human body or the smell of vanilla and musk in colognes or perfumes – everyone has their own signature scent. Most people find it common to put on that special signature scent before heading out the door and some wear their scent for special occasions.
Perfume dates back to a thousand years old. The word “perfume” comes from Latin, “per fume,” which mean “through smoke.” The earliest known perfume came from the burning of incense and herbs that were used in religious services. So here’s the question, how would you wear your scent? The difference between colognes and perfumes is that colognes are made of a blend of extracts, alcohol, and water. Perfumes are more concentrated than colognes. However, both are made with the same ingredients.
I started my collection with a classic – CK One. From that day on, my collection grew to roughly 22 colognes (I’ve stopped since storing colognes for a long time will lose their scent). Most of my friends have called me, “The Scent Connoisseur” (An equivalent of a wine connoisseur).
Colognes and perfumes should be as significant of an investment just as much as a Prada bag or a pair of Christian Loboutin shoes. It is a great investment since if you look good with clothes and accessories; shouldn’t you smell good as well? While visiting stores and trying out samples, most people often get confused about what their scent is. However, I have a few guidelines that, if followed, can help you choose your own signature scent.
Whenever you’re at the mall trying out different scents, consider testing three colognes at a time and spraying them in different parts of your body. Fragrance experts have suggested that trying out three is enough for you to experience the scent. Having more than three can be overpowering and your nose won’t be able to distinguish the different notes and scents. Most perfume stores and department stores always have a jar of coffee beans. The scent of coffee beans will clear your scent glands making them like new so you can get a better sense on what notes are in the cologne or perfume. Make sure that the scent is bearable for you to wear all day since most scents last a long time (depending on the concentration of their ingredients). No scent alike smells the same when worn by two different people. What most prefer may not suit you. A word of the wise is to not follow the branded scents. It is best to go for citrus scents during warm seasons and bold scents during cold seasons. If you are allergic to cologne and perfumes, you may want to try ordering organic perfume. Websites such as Saffron Rouge offer scents that are chemical free and they don’t contain synthetic ingredients and petroleum-derived alcohols. Once you have found the right scent, try to switch it up every few months since wearing the same scent for a year does not always work.
Remember that Perfumes (Eau de Parfum) are more concentrated and three sprays usual do the trick to cover you throughout the day. Colognes (Eau de Toilette) are less concentrated and no more than four sprays are suggested. The only thing that is worse than wearing an awful scent is to smelling like you just came from a polish bath. Remember that perfumes and colognes are as important as any fashion accessory.

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