Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Lady and the Revamped

A modern take on the ladylike silhouettes of the early 60’s, swing their way back into spring.

A major trend seen in the spring 2011 shows was the re-emergence of the feminine shapes and styles of the late 50’s and early 60’s. This revival of retro fashion is somewhat in thanks to the acclaimed television series Mad Men, a show based in the early 60’s in a very fashionable New York ad agency. The series’ fashion itself has been an inspiration for many in the fashion industry this upcoming season, with designers creating new looks inspired by old classics. These inspired pieces can be can be brought into any present day wardrobe and modernized. Here are the ‘bare essentials’ needed to follow this spring’s look and send you back 50 odd years…

Modern Day Housewife

When referring to the early 60’s attire in terms of housewives, it does not refer to the mod era of the later 60’s. Instead, it speaks of the ladylike attire of the early 50’s, which presented silhouettes showcasing the female figure with a cinched waist and an hour glass shape. Many of the lines from fall 2010 and spring 2011 shows such as, Louis Vuitton and Prada further referenced this returning fashion trend.

One of these trends in particular includes, full/ circle skirt and dresses, which have a longer hemline and are cinched at the waist. For colour look to the Louis Vuitton Fall 2010 collection, which will carry to spring bold colours, pastels, and floral and retro prints.

To pull this look off, styling is key in making the outfit seem as effortless as possible. Since these skirts can be such a bold statement, it is essential to keep the upper half of an outfit more subdued and minimal. It is best to pair with a corseted tank top (i.e. seen with Louis Vuitton) or any other fitted top will suffice. It can also be paired with contrasting fabrics such as leather or fur for an edgy update to this classic look.

Raid Grandma’s Closet

Now simply look in your grandma’s closet for these next staple pieces for your 60’s inspired look. The first trend, namely called the ‘granny skirt’ back in this era, was an actual common look for younger women back in the 60’s. This style was either gathered or pleated, with a ruffled hem and a longer skirt. It may not seem to relate to today’s styles, however it is easily modernized.

One way these skirts have been modernized is in how they have been enriched with colourful patterns and bright plaids. Also, one can try this same silhouette but instead with a shorter hemline, for instance just above or below the knee. A final way they have modernized the ‘granny skirt’ is in the hemline, which has become sleeker with the elimination of the ruffled hem. Again, it is best to pair this skirt with a fitted top or a light blouse, less is more.

The second trend most likely found in your grandma’s closet is the A-line shape coat, a staple of this era. This specific example is a more light-weight styled spring coat with bright pops of colour as seen in the Michael Kors Spring 2011 show. There is not much shape to these coats and are therefore best paired with bold accessories and fitted bottoms. In other words, the coat is the statement piece of the outfit; however at times sparkling accessories can be added to give it a sense of glamour.

Some like it Hotter

Accessories in the early 60’s, as in today, can spice up outfits and give someone a sense of charm and individuality to their everyday looks. Therefore, in following the theme of the 60’s look, simply accessorize with a few traditional pieces that still work with modern outfits of today. Some accessories include cat-eye glasses, ladylike kitten heels, long gloves, classic head scarves, leather clutches in vibrant colours and waist cinching belts. You now have all the steps on a path to a more retro you!

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