Monday, March 02, 2009

From small town girl,
To high fashion supermodel
Tamara McDonald who grew up in Whitby Ontario got her chance to become a high fashion super model, travelling all around the world as she was walking through zellers. Now working with Elmer Olson Models, formerly working with Ford Models, Tamara is living every girls dream at twenty one. Meeting well-known super models around the world, her dream has come true. Working, and also living in every high fashion city in the world, she is now settled in Brooklynn, New York.

OhGeorge: How did you get started in the fashion industry?
Tamara McDonald: I was actually walking in a Zellers when a lady stopped me and my dad and asked if I modeled and if I would be interested in it. From there she took my picture into ford models and I got a phone call a couple days later. Now I’ am living in New York and I love it.

OG: Did you always know that you wanted to model?
TM: No not really, when the lady stopped me in the store it was really the first time I ever really thought about it seriously.

OG: What are some accomplishments you have made that you are proud of during your time in the fashion industry?
TM: I have done some really nice shows and worked with some great photographers.

OG: What do you feel you are best at in this industry?
TM: I would not say I am best at anything in particular but my favourite part of the industry is the runway shows. There is always so much going’s a lot of fun!

OG: Where have you travelled, and what country was your favourite and why?
TM: I have been to Tokyo, Milan, Paris, Switzerland, Cyprus, and many other countries but my favourtie country is Japan. The people are so kind, the city is surprising enough really clean, and of course the food is great!

OG: Finally making it to New York, how has that changed everything you have done in the past? Has it helped you grow as a model?
TM: I wouldn’t say it has changed everything but there are so many different opportunities in this city its something new everyday

OG: Who is a major fashion icon to you? Why?
TM: Karl Lagerfeld, he is such a major influential person in the fashion industry designer and photographer.

“There is always so much going on, it’s so much fun!”

OG: Do you think today’s economy is having a negative effect on the fashion industry?
TM: Yes it had caused many companies to go out of business and it has also caused major job cuts

OG: Do you feel like there is pressure on you in the way your body should look?
TM: I feel there is pressure in the industry on how my body should look but it is just about eating healthy and working out.

OG: how do you feel when your agency tells you how to look? Cutting your hair off etc.
TM: Some times its hard when they tell you cut your hair really short but they always ask my opinion, these agents have been in the business for so long they know what is going to work.

OG: Do you find the fashion industry intimidating?
TM: Yes you come across some people that are very intimidating but for the most part everyone is really nice

OG: What are some advantages or disadvantages of your job?
TM: Some great advantages of this job are travelling all over the world seeing so many amazing places and meeting so many great people. Some disadvantages of my job are not being able to see my friends and family as much as I would like too.

OG: what is your favourite part of the fashion industry?
TM: Getting to play dress up everyday with really amazing clothes!

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