Monday, March 02, 2009

Interview with Josie Tecson

What better way to give new life and renew your existing wardrobe than to re-work your looks with some fabulous, hand-crafted jewelry?! No need to look far when we have such wonderful local talent in the city. Her name is Josie Tecson – the creator of Josie Tecson collections.
One can not help but be inspired by the positive, confident, free-spirited natured, presence of Josie, and this really shines through in her work. I’ve personally had the pleasure of wearing many of her designs and can not deny the way they make me feel, while enhancing and sometimes completely transforming an outfit! You can take something very ordinary – add a Josie Tecson piece, and bam – immediately glamafied! Not to mention the constant compliments I receive when wearing her line. This is likely due to the fact that each piece stands out on its own and catches the eye naturally. She is a true perfectionist and master of her craft.
Josie’s background and formal education landed her jobs as a freelance graphic designer. She was naturally drawn to hand painted glass work and beading, and from there it was no turning back. Her natural artistic ability had been tapped in to and there was no stopping this ball of creative energy and fire. Josie’s custom hand-painted glass designs became a hit, and put her on the map.
The young, passionate designer left all the stability and everything she knew to move from Vancouver, where her family still resides, to Toronto. This move represented a lot, considering how her close-knit family is her life. Josie intuitively knew it was the best thing for her to do though. Her second choice and possibly not far in the distant future would be a move to NYC! The fiercely independent woman that she is, took on a bartending job to make ends meet, and which eventually enabled her to purchase her own condo in King West Village. Her free time is spent on designing her collection, preparing for shows and doing custom orders. Josie’s exquisite made-to-order bridal collections have become quite a hit. They bring a uniqueness that every bride desires on her special day.
Throughout her recent success, beginning around 2006, Josie has remained completely grounded and been able to keep her well-rounded composure. Her family and fashion-savvy friends are continually harassing her for the latest and newest pieces. To satisfy their hunger, Josie started hosting themed events where she would showcase her latest collections for a preview to those closest to her. These are no ordinary jewelry parties. It’s a refreshing, unique experience as she effortlessly guides you through a fantastic evening whilst sipping delectable cocktails out of her custom made glass ware, and viewing the most delectable jewelry you’ve ever seen. You definitely want to arrive early to these events!
Her collection has been sold on Harbourfront, St. Lawrence Market and local Queen Street West retail stores. With the launch of her website in 2006, the pace picked up for her business considerably. It was a pivotal point in Josie’s life when she started attracting interest from the stylists of Nelly Furtado and Beyonce. Her collection was sported by Nelly herself on her European Get Loose tour, along with her dancers adorned with signature gem pieces and her band members who wore leather bands with semi-precious stone settings. Josie’s most exciting moment thus far – and I’d have to excitedly agree, occurred in August 2007. The House of Dereon’s (Beyonce’s, her sister Solange and their Mom’s clothing line) brand manager contacted her in regards to accessorizing the Canadian launch for the House of Dereon.
Josie understands how important it is to keep in the loop, especially in the finicky world of fashion. A true professional, she is constantly researching and networking while always maintaining her values and class. Not one to get wrapped up in the downtown party scene, she shows up to important events while leaving a lasting, personal impression with everyone she talks to. Jose recognizes the value of word of mouth and knows this is the truest and most effective way to get her name out there. She’s definitely not one to shy away from the ground work it takes a business to establish itself.
This hard work has paid off in the entertainment industry too. She’s already been showcased and involved in accessorizing for another fabulous local clothing company - Brazen Hussy’s fashion shows, providing accessories for a photo shoot with 2007 Miss Canada for Kavi Kavi clothing designs and featured in Fame Magazine’s June 2007 issue. She has also created personalized gift sets for Tara Reid and Elisha Cuthbert. She has accessorized Canadian celebrities, such as recording artist Cory Lee for the 2007 Much Music Awards and Narissa Cox, who hosts E!News Canada. Josie also designed a one-of-a-kind crystal jewelry set for the fabulous Vivica Fox to go along with her Brazen Hussy dress. To further round out this rising star, Josie is sure to do what she can with her talents, in the way of donating some of her signature pieces. Such causes include: charity events, like ‘Tarts for Tassles’ – a fundraiser who raises money to help cure cancer, and ‘Hotties for Humanity’ – a fundraiser for third world countries.
Josie’s most recent endeavors include her puppy bling called ‘Pretty Paws’ collection which she introduced in the summer of 2008. In the near future she’d like to branch out into an accessories line, including the always and ever-popular handbag. With no signs of slowing down, Josie Tecson is definitely one to watch…and for the fashion forward innovators out there, here is your link to fabulosity –

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