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Mo Money, No Style

Mo Money, No Style
When Money Shows the Lack of Fashion

For the average fashionista, she/he would shop till they dropped for the newest and greatest fashions. Not only would this include expensive clothing, they would be beautiful, body flattering, unique and self satisfying pieces. Unfortunately, this bubble bursts every time a bank statement arrives in the mail (email and postal alike)! I would like to mention that when I refer to the average fashionista, I am simply talking about the non-celebrity type who only dreams of having glamorous clothing thrown at us. Also, one can follow the fashion trends with little money; it is simply how you present yourself.

We all know celebrities have money; they flaunt it with their expensive cars, homes and designer handbags. With that being said, I would like address the real problem; if celebrities have so much money, why do so many have poor fashion sense?

Typically we cannot dress ourselves on our own when we are young, and apparently celebrities carry this trend until they are older. With the oversized tops and pants, colours may be completely off and boots may be paired with dresses. These are examples that are not fashionable and yet celebrities love to dress themselves in them.

Even though this may contradict what the idea of this article explains, celebrities can relate to us living in the real world when it comes to being put on the “worst dressed list.” With certain people, they just are not capable of putting an outfit together successfully; it is just not in their genes! Let me remind you of the What not to Wear: Worst dressed family episode where every member of the Jenkins family did not know how to dress themselves or even select the colours that suit their skin tones.

Some of you would likely argue that some are not blessed with the perfect eyesight; however celebrities can hire someone to style for them. When celebrities have no clue that their clothing is hideous and desperately in need of help, they hire a professional to get it right. This is when Hollywood stars do not relate to the average person. Even though they are on the worst dressed list on a regular basis, they still fit right in with the rest of their peers.

Let’s face it, these people may be famous but if they were to use a personal stylist for everyday life, eventually they would (God forbid) have to resort to dressing in DianeVon Furstenberg ’08 collections! Due to the mere fact that the stylist would rob them of every single penny they have, they may not be able to use a stylist all the time. This could be why they dress themselves in ridiculous outfits. They probably figure, if it is on the runways it is good enough to wear.

Some celebrities just like to make a statement. Whether that statement is supposed to scream “call girl” or “clown,” either way they are getting recognized for something. Recalling back to the shaved head era of Britney Spears, when she was photographed wearing ensembles such as bras and skirts. That moment in her life will always be remembered for her incredibly odd fashion sense and faux hair. Whatever her statement was at the time, it definitely screamed HELP!

On the other side of the spectrum, some celebrities do not care what the fashion is at the time and they turn to their own inspirations. These types of celebs are just not interested in being in the limelight, so they use the less is better approach. In order to blend in with the rest of the population they may dress as an individual. Take Johnny Depp for example, he is very much of a celebrity but is not willing to be chased around by paparazzi. All in all he keeps a lower profile with his fashion sense.

Everyone can relate to this next reason why celebrities do not have style; they are just too busy! Of course this busy schedule is referring to those frequent stops at the nearest Starbucks and getting ready for yoga class. However, I should not assume celebrities do nothing all day most days of the week, celebrities do make a living with their talents. I like to believe they work just as hard as the average person. But of course one can get lazy when you would prefer sleeping an extra five minutes instead of taking that time to pick out something semi decent.

So you see, celebrities may have more money than one could dream of having and still dress atrociously. With that bold statement, I would like to explain that this is simply for the average celebrity. There are some very classy, elegant dressers and we cherish them for their style. These last paragraphs depict a few reasons why celebrities have no style, and will make us ponder why someone with so much disposable income can have such poor fashion sense. We should be happy to be among the average paid population, after all our fashion sense is only average.

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