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Canada's constant struggle in attempting to gain a reputation in the global fashion industry

Issue Based Assignment
Town shoes Manager Interview:
Looking at the fashion industry at large it is known that when the cities, Paris Milan, London, and New York are mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is FASHION. These cities have proven that they are innovative in design and have a love for fashion which has ultimately given them a prestigious reputation for being the worlds fashion leaders. Whether it is Prêt à Porter, Haute Couture, or Avant-garde these cites are 10 steps ahead of the rest.
In Canada there has been a constant struggle in attempting to gain a reputation like the fabulous cities of Paris, Milan, London and New York. This is no longer just a struggle, but has become an issue. This issue has affected many people who are trying to make a name for themselves, or to get their ideal job in the fashion industry. Canada is seen as a country of freedom and endless possibilities, but has lacked in creating a globally renowned fashion capital. This issue has affected designers, buyers, merchandisers, management, retailers, business owners, and countless others. Individuals can continue to recognize the things their city lacks however, this is not leading to progression. It is known that in order to make a difference effort must play a key role. Canada’s fashion industry doesn’t stand out to its greatest potential and is instead out shunned by others.

By researching Canadian retailer’s one company that is standing the test of time is a Shoe and Accessory company that has received recognition for their company’s service and participation in the Canadian fashion industry. Town shoes is a prevailing shoe company that has opened the floor for the fashion retail industry. Town shoes is a privately owned Canadian shoe retailer founded in 1952 by LJ Simpson. Town shoes sells footwear, handbags and accessories for women and men. This company offers middle-to-high-end merchandise, and has their in main head office and flagship store in Toronto. Town shoes has expanded the company throughout Canada also now has over 82 stores and has more than 1,500 employees.

An interview was conducted for insight on the Canadian fashion retail industry, why Town Shoes is a prime example of a positive impact on the Canadian industry, and finally the global recognition town shoes has.

Interviewee: Jacky Vaisenberg (store manager)
Taken place on February 20th, 2009

Q: Do you feel this company is an asset to the fashion retail industry?
A: Town Shoes has been around for many years. When town shoes first came into the retail industry there was a lack of retailers particularly in the shoe and accessory sector. Town shoes has also led others to create new retail chains such as, Browns, and Aldo.Town shoes is like the Grandpa of shoe retailers. A Town shoe is an important asset to the fashion retail industry and still continues to strive for more.

Q: Do you feel that town shoes bases their company solely on latest fashion trends?
A: Town shoes is a very dynamic company .I would say town shoes defiantly bases their merchandise and store appeal on fashion trends, but at the same time they also have classic, and smart fashions for everyone. So my answer would be no. I feel that town shoes does not base the company solely on fashion trends. If we did I am almost positive we wouldn’t be around still.
Q: At Town shoes how up to date is the company on delivering customers with merchandise that is suitable for each season like; Paris, Milan, London and New York?
A: I have worked for numerous retail establishments and Town shoes has given me and many others the impression of merchandise satisfaction .At the store I manage we have new inventory that comes in 4 days a week ,which is AMAZING !!! Not too mention there are over 65 over nation wide who all have the same inventory shipment days. I remember last August my store was receiving new fall /winter merchandise it was very weird to see boots like Ugg’s in the store in 20 something degree weather, but it was good at the same time because. We as a company are preparing customers for the seasons a head. I know in fashion the fashion shows are taken place months prior to the actual season date, which is what Town Shoes is trying to give their customers.
Q:Now that all the major fashion show have now finished do you feel Town shoes is a leading competitor in giving customers a good take on world wide fashion?
A: I am a “FASHION LOVER” and can I tell you town shoes is the leader in the Canadian shoe world. What I lover about this company is they don’t go too over the top with trying too follow fashion trends .The buyer for Town Shoes goes to all the top fashion shows all over the world, too get a feel of what the customers in Canada will be keen on. Town shoes has their own private labels which are Savvy collection, and Town Shoes .With these two private labels Town Shoes is able to create their own take on the fashions .By creating their own labels they are becoming more known and called by many.
Q: What kind of clients and what are the well known labels Town Shoes carriers:
A:Town Shoes has an abundance of clients ,but the more common of women from ages 20-50 and men from 25-45.Town Shoes offers an ray of merchandise like the classic pump, round toe flat, running shoe ,the everyday working shoe and the hot and trendiest shoe for the season. It is understandable for them to have such a wide range of clients because of the merchandise. The Brands that Town Shoes offers comes from all over the world literally. Italy, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Slovakia and many others. Town shoes is a strong supporter of up and coming talent like David Dixon who is a local Toronto based designer who is trying to get notoriety in the fashion world, Miss Mooz which is a new York based designer, and more popular designers like Franco Sarto, Diesel, G-Star RAW, Betsy Johnson, Nine West and the list goes on .Town Shoes has partnered up with many designers to create an ultimate shoe company that continues to succeed , and gain more fashion notoriety to the world.

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