Sunday, March 01, 2009

From A to Zoran...

George Brown Instructor Zoran Dobric Shows Toronto His Talent!

Zoran Dobric is definitely a Toronto designer to watch! Earning his Bachelor degree in Fashion Design at the University of Manitoba, he then went on to study at the Instituto Marangoni in Milan, where he studied fashion illustration and gained impressive skills combining Photoshop techniques with more traditional ones. From Serbian descent Zoran Dobric, now, at age thirty-three, has worked with such companies as Urban Behaviour, Costa Blanca and Club Monaco. Teaching young fashion students of George Brown College the tricks of Adobe Illustrator on the side he is now designing under his own label. His designs are sold around the world - found in boutiques in Hong Kong, Boston, New York, San Francisco and in our very own Toronto. He designs for a very individualistic, intellectual and artistic type, who can appreciate his many artistic influences. Oh George! sat down with Zoran to take a peek into the whirl-wind life of an up and coming Canadian designer.

Oh George!: How long have you been designing your own label?
Zoran Dobric: I have been designing my own label since 2005

OG!: In the past you have designed for other companies, and now you're designing on your own. Which do you prefer and why did you decide to switch?
ZD: I prefer to design for my own label as it is more creative, but working for other companies is great too since you have risk-free pay cheques on a regular basis. When you are on your own there is a lot of risk and hard work involved.

OG!: You're still a relatively new label. What are your aspirations for the future of the Zoran Dobric label? What do you hope to accomplish?
ZD: My aspirations for my label would be to start selling in Europe, in addition to China, Canada and the USA where I'm already selling at several stores. I also want to grow the business to the next level.

OG!: You have a very strong artistic look. Do you design with a specific woman and man in mind? What are they like?
ZD: They are very individualistic, and have very intellectual and artistic tastes. It's more about the attitudes than the age.

OG!: You've shown at LG Fashion Week in the past few seasons. Are you planning on showing this March?
ZD: I am probably showing this March, I am almost certain.
OG!: Why do you choose to show?
ZD: It is good exposure, in order to generate interest with the media and buyers.
OG!: Do you find that this kind of media attention has a positive impact on your label?
ZD: Media coverage does not always translate into the sales directly or immediately, but it can help with brand awareness with the customers and the media in the long run.

OG!: Is showing at LG Fashion Week a stressful process? Do you ever worry about how your collection will be received?
ZD: You always have to worry since you never know what might go wrong, and because I am a bit of a control freak who wants everything perfect. There's a lot to be excited about also, since everything will come together and will hopefully look as I envisioned on the runway.

OG!: What's your inspiration for your f/w 09/10 collections? Tell us a bit about it. What can we expect?
ZD: The starting point for my f/w 09/10 collections were landscapes by Gustav Klimt. Also mixed with influences from music such as Technotronic, Hip Hop and Electroclash...It will be a crazy mix of influences.

OG!: You’ve said in the past that you design your own prints. What is your process? Why do you choose to do this yourself? Do you enjoy it?
ZD: Since I enjoy it so much, I create all of my prints that are screen printed or digitally printed. I start by doing the artwork in the computer or by hand, I then develop it in the Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

OG!: Where can people purchase your designs?
ZD: You can find a list of stores that carry my designs online at I can also be contacted at

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Oh, George! said...

I thought the writer chose the perfect person to interview! I learnt a lot about the George Brown teacher, and after reading about his carreer in the fashion world, I am eager to actaully meet him! I also thought it was written in a cute, upbeat tone which is perfect for a light and easy read for the magazine!
-Ali Kates