Thursday, February 25, 2016

Where to buy fur in Toronto
Fur has been around in the fashion industry for almost a century, serving as a validation for wealth and style. There are a number of places to buy fur in Toronto, but there are only a few that have an outstanding reputation. These top two furriers; Kachnert’s and Alexs fur, are celebrating decades of quality service and product.
            Kachnert’s is a well known name in the fur industry, celebrating 55 years of extraordinary service and products of fur. Kachnert’s has a reputation for excellence, with its wide range of top quality fur, leather and shearling. They also offer a custom product, which is an asset in this fast growing industry, making every client feel and look fabulous. The current owner, Greg Kachnert has been a member and president of the Furriers Guild of Canada (FGC) for many years, and plays a role in the Fur Council of Canada. This 4th generation business is located at 2078 Avenue Road, Yorkville Toronto. This is a great location for a high end brand, surrounding itself with similar stores as well as people who strive for luxury fashion. The employees at Kachnerts are very well trained in customer service meeting the needs of each client with knowledge of both the product and industry. This adds a great touch to the store because people know that they are walking into a place where they will find what they want and leave with what they need.
            When people ask me where to buy fur products, the first store that comes to mind is Alex Furs. The owner, Alex Dimitropulous was a fur craftsman for a high end retailer in Toronto before deciding to open his own store on Spadina (known as the Fur District). This store has brought in many known names such as Rod Steward because of the great reputation of high quality furs. There are showrooms and a factory located close by which is good for the store because it can bring it different kinds of client as well as jobs. Dimitropulous is a member of the Fur Council of Canada and Beautifully Canadian Label. Alex furs is here to give the best service and manufacturing to the people of Toronto, as well as Canada.
            Fur has and will always play a huge role in the fashion industry. It has become an effortless look over the years, shown in stores as well as runways making it a need in everyone’s wardrobe. Fur also is known for validating style and wealth which is why it is such a hot accessory that everyone wants a little piece of.  Now that I have told you about some of the leading names for fur products in Toronto,  I hope that you are now able to incorporate fur into your wardrobe feeling just as effortless as I think you will be able to achieve. As well as becoming your very own fur fashionista. Fur is fashion, fashion is fur!


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